Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yoooooooo JOE!!!!!!!

Just when you think Nike can't get anymore creative they just do it again(no pun lol). Now they have the Nike G.I. Joe Pack on the way!!!! They don't have a set release date at the moment but when they do you know ya boy $-Razzi will have the info!!! The Vandals are supposed to represent the Navy because of the translucent sole. The Air Assault Low's represent the Army because of the Camo and the Trainer Sc represent the Air Force. Real creative on Nike's part right here. Expect these to drop in the beginning of '08. Man too bad they don't have a pair of Cobra Commander Dunks!!!! Man just imagine them being navy blue/red with a silver check.....( Pusha-T Voice)EGHCKT!!!!(Pusha-T Voice) talk about a must have in your collection!!!! Lol man I swear I got ideas!!! If you dudes from Nike are looking for some creative help ya'll better holla at me fast!! Corporate America is already knocking at my door lol lol.

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