Monday, February 18, 2008

Y-3 NY Store!!!

In case you not up on things let me break down Y-3...It's a high fashion line with collabos from Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas. And when I say High Fashion I mean High Fashion. These sneakers I posted above or atleast $500 a pair. No where below that I believe. I kind of stray away from this line because I can't afford a pair!! But my hating days are over!!! Because I feeling the "I Love NY" pair with the black deniem lol lol they are sick!!! Man ya'll pay attention lol lol(I was listening to Dj Drama this morning) But recently the brand opened a store in the Meatpacking District in NY. So they decided to make a mark on the town and drop off a few exclusives!! Hot brand. I'm gonna post more items in time....I'm going to therapy for all this hating I do lol lol.

Here Is A Sneak Peek(No Pun)!! Thank Me Later!!

S.Carter x Kanye West Exclusive!!!!

When I 1st saw these I was like....Hmmm naw....but after looking at them for like 30minutes they ain't half bad. I mean they S.Carter's but at the same time they got some cool colorways....O and Yes these are EXCLUSIVE!!!! Mattersfact I don't even know when or where they coming out!!!! All I know is that these Kanye West S.Carter's Exisit because they sitting right here on the screen!!! Lol Lol naw but they real....I got them from a real reliable source lol.....I keep an update od these in the future....But if you got a minute just gaze at em' a bit and watch how your opinion change lol

Nike Blazer High "Vivid Blues"Pack!!

Sorry for the delay!!! I've been like mad busy the past few weeks!!! Lol lol....but I'm back so lets get it poppin'!! Here are a new fresh pair of Blazers for you fiends!! They're from the Nike "Vivid Blues" Pack. I dig them.... Especially the Black/Purple pair...they quietly standout....I need a pair of black Blazers anyway so if I catch them on the right day they'll probably get copped...we'll see!!! You can find them at your local sneakerhead hideout lol!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ol' Dirty Bastard Crashes The Grammy's!!! R.I.P.

Since I'm in the mood fro The Grammy's I thought I'd show a little Grammy cheer Wu-Tang Style lol lol!! I wish I could've say it live but thank God for youtube!!! Lol lol....This is CLASSIC!!!!

Kanye West 2008 Grammy Performance!!!!

Yo he killed this performance!!! Good thing for youtube because I don't watch tv lol lol lol!! The special effects were clean as hell!! I cant wait til the Glow In The Dark Tour lol!! Enjoy!!

Pics From Kanye West Performance At The Grammy Awards!!

Ferris Buller SB Dunk Hi Coming This Spring!!!

I caught a glimpse of these last fall and I was sold!!! But that was in my non-blogging days lol...Still I heard from a valid alias that they will drop in May!! At the moment I'm replinishing my sneaker account so hopefully I will have enough in it by May to splurge out lol lol( I hope Bush give me that Tax Bonus Too!!!!) Be on the lookout for these!!!!