Monday, September 29, 2008

LOL New Peddi Crakk!!! "Sweet Dreams(Jay-z Diss)" Funny Sh!T!!!

WOW..I Have To Start A New Sub-Topic Just For This!!! LOL Introducing The 1st NEXT LEVEL (Cause She Took It There) Ish!!! Janelle Monae -"Many Moons"

WOWWWW!!!! This video look like a movie!!! 1 of the best I've seen this year!!! Wow!!! She on some next level shit!!! For Real!!! I'm speechless right now cause this shit was so hot!!! I don't get the song quite yet but after watching this over and over I will eventually lol lol but damn!!! This chick is hot!!! Janelle Monae!! Remember this name lol Seriously!! Too bad we have no real music channels to actually see this video on!! BET/MTV are full of shit!!!(Fuck ya'll cause I'm never ever gonna be on ya'll network lol!!! But thank God for the net!!! Breaking new artist videos!!!

Damn!!! Seem Like Adidas Is Killin' Nike With All The New Talent!!!

Now Micheal Beasley and Eric Gordan join Adidas with other NBA and WNBA hopefuls Derrick Rose and Candice Parker!!! Damn....guess Lebron got all the money lol lol well Kevin Martin just signed to Jordan Brand so it's still hope...but he'll be wearing Jordan Brand PE's....(sigh) best of luck to Adidas.....seem like they got the cream of the crop on the 2008 NBA/WNBA Draft Class....thats crazy I know!!! lol

New Nike "WoodGrain" Blazer Hi!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Fear Of A Barrak Planet" Tee By THE HUNDREDS!!! Shout Out To These Guys!!! The Best Barrak Shirt I've Seen!!!

Out of all the Barrak shirts I've seen this is THE or 1 of the BEST I've seen!! Honestly....THE HUNDREDS is a brand I'm getting in the groove of but I just got to find something that goes with my fashion motto!!! But shout out to these guys!! They doing they thing!!

Nike Blazer Low "Tweed" Just In Time For Winter!!!

**Mood Muzik**9/26/08 "Mighty Healthy"-Ghostface Killah

Monday, September 22, 2008

**Mood Muzik**9/22/08 "Luchini"-Camp-Lo

Damn Them Sneakers Are Clean/Sh!tty At The Same Time LOL LOL!!

"Say Mama Let Me Catch That Lighter!!" LOL Damn Shame LOL!!!!!

Poor lil baby lol....some folks don't deserve kids lol for real...thats beyond sad...When will we learn my people??? Too funny tho lol

"10 Things Men Should Never Say To Another Man" By John O!!! Funny Sh!T!!

**Mood Muzik** 9/22/08 "Till The Wheels Fall Off"-Kidz In The Hall

"Swagger Like Puff"!!! Diddy A Fool For This 1 LOL...BadBoy Baby A-HAAA!!!

I fucks with the boy Puff....dude was my idol back in the day...but he still the man you gotta give it to him...he make shit hot!! He ain't super lyrical but yo he's Fuckin Diddy!!! lol props for this vid...dude took it back to '92 with the Jeeps lol Wow...good look lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Teddy Bear" Puma First Round Women's!!!

Yo these are pretty hot...I like the fur on the side and the buttons on the eyes. Real hot look. Something new for the LADIES!!! lol lol

Nike Court Force Hi x Air Jordan 1!!!

A couple years back I was real big on the "Jordunks"(Dunks x Jordans) and recently I jummped on the Court Forces x Air Max yep you guessed it!! I will be on these soon...and for $90 you can't beat it!! Look out for these in your local shop...SOON!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flashing Lights Video Part 4!! Un-CUT!!!!! Yeezy vs. Paparazzi!!!

Kanye Attack Caught on Tape

The boy Ye ain't playing about the Paparazzi!!!! That was worse than a VMA Backstage SPAZZ OUT!!!! lol lol Do what you gotta do Ye!! lol