Monday, September 29, 2008

WOW..I Have To Start A New Sub-Topic Just For This!!! LOL Introducing The 1st NEXT LEVEL (Cause She Took It There) Ish!!! Janelle Monae -"Many Moons"

WOWWWW!!!! This video look like a movie!!! 1 of the best I've seen this year!!! Wow!!! She on some next level shit!!! For Real!!! I'm speechless right now cause this shit was so hot!!! I don't get the song quite yet but after watching this over and over I will eventually lol lol but damn!!! This chick is hot!!! Janelle Monae!! Remember this name lol Seriously!! Too bad we have no real music channels to actually see this video on!! BET/MTV are full of shit!!!(Fuck ya'll cause I'm never ever gonna be on ya'll network lol!!! But thank God for the net!!! Breaking new artist videos!!!

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