Monday, September 8, 2008

Fashion F#&k Ups @ Mtv VMA '08!!!

Damn Lupe...Dude look like he just went horeseback riding(no brokeback lol lol) and These dudes with 3Piece Suites and Sneakers kill's like these dudes can afford to pay stylist to give them wack looks lol lol man come on lolPoor JD..he's uncool and don't even know it...David Banner tried but dude shit is way too small lol and Fatman Scoop and Wife....smh....just sad...this aint the Mtv Awards from 1988 when people weren't really seen on Mtv had to wear things that make a statement so they could get noticed...we all know who these people are!!! Even by their Government Name lol!!! These are STARS!!! Not UP-STARTS!!! lol lol come on folks....lets step it up

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