Monday, March 31, 2008

TMNT x Nike SB Dunk Low="Michelangelo" Dunk Low!!!!

Like I said before with the Donatelo Dunks that poped up earlier this year....Nike has offically took control over the game!!! Seriously!!!! I can't describe how sick this pair is!!! They got the Turtle Green Suede on the sides plus the spackle of what it seems to be Orange along the mid-sole. But on the cool the color looks Red to me so maybe they are the Rafael Dunks??? Idk. We gonna have to see a better pic of these but I'm really anticipating a Ninja Turtle Pack from Nike sometime this year!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Converse All-Star x Lupe Fiasco.....I'm Back Let's Get It!!!

Yes Yes Ya'll!!!! I'm back with some heat!!!! I been M.I.A. due to creative reasons.....just uninspired with fashion...but guess what?? I went thrifting the other day and now I'm back on my GRIZZ!!!(No Memphis...they SUCK!!) But here we go with the Lupe Fiasco designed Product Red Converse. These are all patent leather to you uninlightened!!! Which are sick!!!! But peep the catch....they don't have a release date damnit!! Because I would surely get these with the quickness!!! These shits are beautiful!!! So damn swell looking that I would 1 and done these and put them in on ICE!!! Real Talk.....I'd say if they do come out be prepared to drop about $125-150!!! They well worth it!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Puma x Tommie Smith Suede Pack!!!

Yo if you dont know Tommie Smith is you need to copy and paste his name from this post and Google ASAP!! Dude was a Gold Medalist in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and he was stripped of his Gold Medal in the 200yd dash(19.83 sec) because he rasied his fist in protest of the war in '68 during the playing of The Star Spangled Banner(see pic above). He was accompanied by John Carlos who was also stripped of his medal.
Thank me later for the history lesson....but here is where Puma comes into play. Tommie and John both protested barefoot to represent the poverty in Black society. All you can do is wow at the symbolisim of the these two men and the shoe. In a way this isn't enough to me.....these men have yet to recieve their medals and thats sad. These men ran the race and competeted to represent their country...not for Puma's!!!(No offense lol) But I honestly think they deserve what they earned after all these years. It's inspiring but sad to me. But shout out to Puma for showing their respect to these two men. Although John Carlos doesn't have a pair....the presence is still felt. And if you pay close attention to the's little black fist printed all over the shoe!!!! Kudos to Puma!!!! They are doing it big already. And just in time for the summer Olypics this year. Look out for them in August!!!

New Nike Dunk "CBL Pack(Celtic x Bulls x Lakers)" High's And Low's!!!

Here is a lil something from Nike. Just a couple plain colorways to stop all the hypebeasting for a minute!!! Because the past year I have never seen Dunks so high in demand. I swear at one time I felt alone rocking Dunks then "Attack of The Hypebeast" came and here we are today lol lol. No hate on hypebeast tho....if it wasn't for them Nike would be cranking out massive redundance of AF1's lol lol. So Nike owes atleast 500,000 people a free pair of kicks lol. But I like these....especially the "Laker" colorway and no I'm not a fan(Go Cavs!! We Believe!!) but the gum bottom is hot!! Not to mention that it Ostrich print on the sides of all these. Man I swear once again I'm nicknaming Packs agian.....Somebody tell Nike to holler at me!!! lol

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!!!

Here is a little theme music to go with the post below.....I thought it was a great addition lol lol

Puma Clyde "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Pack West Philly x Bel-Air!!!!

May 17th it is going down!!! I don't have to explain this shoe to anybody on the planet!!! It's the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!! Idk a soul that doesn't have atleat 20 favorite episodes!!!! And now that Puma has blessed the world with a shoe that actually say "Fresh Prince" I can die a happy sneakerhead lol lol!!! This is historic and I'm already plotting my hustle to get both pair lol lol. Idk how much they cost but I will get them. Thats a promise!!!