Monday, March 3, 2008

New Nike Dunk "CBL Pack(Celtic x Bulls x Lakers)" High's And Low's!!!

Here is a lil something from Nike. Just a couple plain colorways to stop all the hypebeasting for a minute!!! Because the past year I have never seen Dunks so high in demand. I swear at one time I felt alone rocking Dunks then "Attack of The Hypebeast" came and here we are today lol lol. No hate on hypebeast tho....if it wasn't for them Nike would be cranking out massive redundance of AF1's lol lol. So Nike owes atleast 500,000 people a free pair of kicks lol. But I like these....especially the "Laker" colorway and no I'm not a fan(Go Cavs!! We Believe!!) but the gum bottom is hot!! Not to mention that it Ostrich print on the sides of all these. Man I swear once again I'm nicknaming Packs agian.....Somebody tell Nike to holler at me!!! lol

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