Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Momement In Time With Wale!! DC, MAryland, VA What UP!!

Yo if you don't know who Wale is simply surf through the blog and you will find him in Mood Muzik section and along the site....check out dude mixtapes 100 Miles and Runnin and Mixtape About Nothing(shoulda been a album!!) dude is nice with the MIC!!! So peep the vid...dude mad fly remind me of myself but taller lol

Remember This?? The Original Batman Show!! The Fight Scenes Were GroundBreaking!! LMAO!!

^^This Clip Is The BAT vs All The Villians on the show lol lol he even had time to save a kitten lol lol That Adam West was the MAN!!!

For My Dude Sage....I'm Sure He Will Find This Funny!! Not Really Tho LOL...I Present "In Search Of....Asher Roth"

***I Am A Asher Roth Listener So Don't Take This Post As HATE!!! It's FUNNY How Rappers Blow Up Over Night Now Off The NET To Me...But Hey...It's A NEW DAY In HIPHOP...Labels Are Run By MAD BLOGGERS LMAO!!!" And peep all the Wonder Bread that says "CLASSIC WHITE" on it....lil bu=it too much man lol

1st Ma$e Now Loon!! Every Harlem Dude On BadBoy Turn To God After Working With Puff LOL...Puff Is The Devil!!! LOL

Peep The End of the video!!! "WE Love You God!!!"-Random Kid lol lol lol that topped it off for me!!! lol WoW.....I love God too but that was funny lol lol

**Mood Muzik** Sébastien Tellier “Roche"

**Mood Muzik** Sébastien Tellier “Kilometer"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

**Mood Muzik** 3/24/09 "Magnificent" Rick Ross Co-Starring John Legend

Fuck that beef shit!!! This shit a banger!!

WOW!! This Dude Maestro Is Dunking In His Air Yeezy's LMFAO!!!

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

wow lmfao!! unbelievable!! dude is in his brand new EXCLUSIVE YEZZYs trying to see if he can dunk in them lol outta sight lol and honestly it worked for dude…i know im entertained and i will be checking out his site…what a great way to gain exposure by doinsomethin sane that nobody else would do lol…he didnt try no Jackass stunt in them…he simply played ball and shot the finger to all HYPEBEAST and NIKE and KANYE lol….these aren’t basketball kicks in the traditional sensse and he did the damn near unthinkable in them lol lol lol this kid just made himself more famous guessing that he already is since he got a pair before they drop lol lol lol….screw Nike giving celebs sneakers for freewhen we keep the company in motion lol…Nike NEVER GAVE ME NOTHING!!!! lol lol

Monday, March 16, 2009

**$neakerazzi EXCLUSIVE** "Stay Up (Viagra)"-88-Keys Co-Starring Kanye West!! This Is My Shit!! Go Get Death Of Adam!! Now!!

This my shit!! I wrote a whole tv pilot listening to this song everyday!!! lol this song will never get old to me!! Go to and buy this album!! It's worth the cash...creative good shit!! I wouldn't lie to you...I do this for free lmao!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

"The Greatest Rapper Died On March 9th, 1997!!" We Miss You B.I.G.!!!

LOL WOW!! A Ken Bow-Tie!! Alexis Mabille x Barbie “Ken” Bow Tie

LOL who woulda ever seen this coming??? Thats some wild "Terry Richardson" Party type shit lol lol...I don't get out like that to real fashionable people lol lol...most places I go to I maybe the most original or 1 of the best dressed there...clubs in houston suck in terms as fashionable people go....:-( but the fuck with that....I think this is pretty cool to have the world's luckiest/unluckiest(Got no genitals!!) bachelor on your bow-tie lol lol Ken!!