Sunday, November 23, 2008

""Nike Shoes(Sneakerhead Chick ANTHEM)"-Annastasia!!! It's Hot!!

Man she killed this song!!! lol props to the chick Annastasia!! I'm feeling this track!! The new anthem to all the Sneakerhead Chicks out there!!! Lol this was creative as hell I can't even front!!! But honestly Sneakerhead chicks really do this happened to a friend of mine lol lol poor guy lol

Peep Where Kanye Got The Idea For The Video "Heartless"

Uploaded by 23city

Ok ok ok!!! I'm back..been a way from a while but check this...I was gazing on the internet (kanye blog lol) and I found a post about how him and Hype Williams came up the idea for "Heartless" from the movie "American Pop"...and so I checked out the movie online right and come to find out it's a movie I used to try to find in Best Buy and movie rentals as a kid!!!(before the internet poped off real big and my folks didn't have a computer yet lol) I used to watch this clip on a movie I used to rent back in the day and if you look at the clip of the movie at 0:33...that was my shit back in the day!! It was funny as hell to me for some reason how dude was so cool!! But damn I should have tried got this a while back...I still think I will cause it's like $14.00 on so I think I will order it cause it's a pretty cool storyline. You should look into it as well!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nike Air Max BW Classic "Nintendo"!!!

Man I'm almost speechless!!! I saw these a few weeks back but I didn't post cause the pics were'nt good enough...but now since they are up herre we go!!! These are the "Nintendo" BW!!! Can't beat that and guess what?? They are regular price!!! For about $85 or $90 you can't beat this!! In like 6months kids will just catch on if they haven't already!! I'm about to search them out and find them and you know whats next...Freezer Box lol lol

Nike Dunk Low '09 SNEAK PEEK!!!

Reebok Pump Running Dual!!!

Personally I'm not a Reebok Pump lil bro is....shout out to these right here I could see the kid rockin....they not bad at all...and even though ya'll know I don't do too many bright sneaks....I think I'd give these a spin.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Game Gets A Tat on L.A. Ink!!!

Anybody who knows me knows that I don't cut for the dude Game(I got my personal reasons!!) But they also know I love tatoos so I put my beef aside for the moment and posted this!! His tat is pretty cool and it was designed by a fan. Shout out to the designer!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

***World Premiere*** "Heartless"-Kanye West (Animated)

Well the kid Kanye does it again...We all just can expect good things from his vids from now on!!! Dude videos change the game on everything!! No rapper is seeing dude on the videos!! He just got that part of the game on lock. Shout out to Ye for another smash. The kid Sage told me to listen to the album but I refuse but this song was fire!!! After my 1st lisen I like it and the video was way on point so aight homie I heard the track and you were right....the shit is a banger. Gotta love the kid Ye creativity. I just need a outlet for mine and I will leave this place. Not that don't want to take everybody with me but I will leave mentally. My mind is way deep...believe me. Enjoy the vid folks!!!

Reebok Kamikaze II "Shawn Kemp"!!! Please Retro!!!!

Please Reebok!! If you reading this please release these!!! I had these in like 5th grade and they were the best...til the put a blister on my big toe and my parents took them back and got me a pair of lame Converse!! AGGGHHHH!!! These were great!!! Me and 1 of the homies were just talking about these the other day and here are some pics of these!! Awww man...these take me back to my old elementary basketball leauge days...damn. Sad times. Pleas Retro these REEBOK!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Air Jordan 1 Hi "Gucci"!!!!!

Here are some heat out the Jordan Brand for you fiends!!! The "Gucci" inspired joints...these are pretty sick I'm not gonna lie. I'd cop if I had some extra scratch...They drop 11-18-08 so be on the lookout on your local sneaker scene!! I'm consulting with my accountant as we speak on a purchase of this size. I doubt they run over $150 but we'll see!!

Nike Foamposite "Eggplant"!!! SOOOOO DAAMMMMNNN SIIIICCCCKKKK!!!

AAHHHCCHHHOOOO!!!! *sniffs* These kicks are hot!!!! I never really believed in payin $200 for 1 pair of kicks but as pics surface around the net I'm seriously leaning toward saving up them 2 Benjis!!! Idk if I will get my girl a V-Day Gift this year casue they drop this Feb.!!! Lol damn...I'm saying sorry in advance ma lol

Commons Obama Election Party In The Chi!!! 11/4/08

A Few Post-Election Pics......

The Future IS NOW!!! Will.I.AM On CNN Via Hologram!!!

And My Man Jesse Cried But It's All Good!!!!

My President Is Black!!! Obama Acceptance Speech!! We Made History!!!

Well He WON!!!! But Here Is A Clip Of Him Voting!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Consequence!!! "Job Song" My Favorite Song Off "Don't Quit Your Day Job"!!

I love the song but the vid was too long!! lol I wish he woulda did it a lil differently but fuck it!! It came out and I'm satisfied!! shout out to Cons!! Highly slept on for no reason!! Dude only if we can get a "Uncle Raheem" Video lol