Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Era 59Fifty x DC Comics!!!!

If you know know that I f###s with my dude Batman!!! He's the REALEST Superhero known to comics!!! Dude got mad gadgets and no super-powers and still kick A$$!!! Not to mention dude is PAID and Humle at the same time....I admire Bruce hoonestly...he's been my mentor for fact we did lunch last summer in Martha's Vineyard last lol lol naw let me stop lol lol lol(it sounded good tho I know lol) But New Era and Dc have come together and drop hats on you bustas heads lol lol I think the off-scheme colors are cool and they even added a lil ditty for the ladies lol.....But only if they would make a Joker Hat!!! That dude is that dude lol lol...i.e. He's my favorite Super-Villian(R.I.P. Heath Ledger) Man I can go all day on comics lol lol But be on the lookout for these they drop March 15!!!

Friday 02/08/08!!! Bun-B of UGK @ Warehouse Live!!!! Yes!! I Will Be There!!!

Yo this will be a great night for H-Town Hip-Hop fans!! Bun-B of UGK(R.I.P. Pimp C) will be @Warehouse Live. I know everybody will be in attendence since this is Bun's 1st concert since Pimp C passed so it will be a serious serious show!! I must go and I will be there at either 6:30 or 7:00 to stand in line!! I waited 2hours to see Slick Rick a while back and I be damned if I miss a minute of this show!!!! If you are in the H on this day make plans out your schedule to be there as well....I mean it is on a Friday night!!!! What else you gotta do?? Your sneakers will be there to comfort you in the morning lol lol

UGK 4 Life


Nike "Evil Knievel/Touch The Sky" Dunk High!!!

Yo when I saw these I f*#^ing flipped!!!! No seriously I got up out of my seat and did a flip!! These are the best dunks I've seen since the Composition Notebook papers.....(Peep how I threw the Touch the Sky name in there lol lol Shout out to Kanye lol) But these are hot with the Stars and the Patent Leather around the shoe. It matches Evil Knievel's costume if you can't tell!!! Yo idk when these come out but when I find out I'm gonna repost a date because I personally want these!! Man these are truely great...shout out to whoever came up with this concept!!! Real Talk!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Louis Vuitton x Pharrell Williams=Blason Jewelry Commercial

Wow!!! This commercial is amazing!!! I'm lovin' the song and the pieces are nice!!! The angel ring is sick!! (I wish I was RICH!!!) But yo I think this commercial is cool for's like dudes like Pharrell just can't be stopped....I just hope dude gets back to music and not end up like Diddy...thats just a shame to me mane. Anyway...I just want a small company to come to me to help them with a product design or betteryet a ad campaign!! I'm your man AMERICA!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Adidas "Seoul Olympics/Patrick Ewings" Conductor Hi!!!

Yo these are sick for real!!! I'm diggin' the old school kicks right here!! I've noticed that what makes Adidas Retros and Nike Retros very very different is because Adidas doesn't have a mainstream flow of Retro material!! So when they do drop something it's like they called up Marty Mcfly and The Doc to borrow the Deloren(TimeMachine...Youngstas!!!) But yeah I want these actually eventhough I hear they're already in Europe(man they get it all 1st nowadays!!) These are true Old School at it's best....peep the pic of the 1988 logo on the side.....damn....damn....damn...2 thumbs!!!!!

Nike "Jolly Green Giant" Vandal Hi

These are a hot pair of Vandals!! I've been meaning to get a pair for a while now and if I ran across these pair I would mos def cop!!! I'm just a sucka for odd's just something about them ya know....but yeah these are hot in my book. Check for them at your local sneaker boutique!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm The Juggernaut Bitch!!!!

Man this is for all you X-Men fans like myself!!! This cartoon was a CLASSIC(all caps because it was!!!) and these dudes who made this clip are some funny a$$ dudes!! Watch and prepare to be amazed lol lol!!! I fell out from this sh!t real talk lol lol!!

Nike "Crack Rock" Dunks!!!!!

These are the "Crack Rock" Dunks!!! (Yes I keep penning names for all these sneakers!!! Tell Nike to holler at me somebody!!!) I think they fresh and as a matter of fact I will most definately cop these soon as they drop!!! the pics speak for themselves!!! It can't get any better than this right now.....and to say I almost said I was gonna stop rockin' dunks because of this crazy fad we got going on in my city lol lol!!! F!! the posers!!!! I been wearing dunks since Hov was calling them "Scooby Doo's....those are shoes by the way!!!! lol lol) Holla at me man!!!!

$_Razzi is "F###ing AWESOME!!"

Here are the Fucking Awesome x Etnies Plus kicks!! If ya'll don't know Fucking Awsome is a hot clothing brand that has some great tees and the logo....well it's self explainitory!!! But to have it on your sneaker is like 10x better than a shirt!! Good look by these guys!! I will be looking for these in the upcoming months no doubt!!!

Adidas "The Original Games" Pack!!!

Yo Adiddas is dropping some serious heat with these packs!! It's actually like four different packs in total!!! So be on the lookout for these ASAP!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Family Guy Is Seriously My Favorite Show!!

Yo shout out to my homie Cristina R. for being reminding me about this clip the other day lol lol. It was deleted a few months ago but I found it again!!!! (Screw the Censors!!!) It's short but enjoy!! lol

My Uncle Will Knock Yo A$$ Out!!!

Naw but on the cool this vid is like my favorite youtube vid of ALL-TIME!!!! I saw it like a few years back but I ran across it sometime last year just messing around lol lol lol. It's a great clip and if you pay close attention 'ole boy who got the sh!t knocked out of him forgets where he is lol.
-$_Razzi aka Mr. $tay Out My Biness!!

Nike Women's Valentine Day AF1's 2008!!!

Here are the new Valentine joints for the ladies in '08!!! These are pretty nice I might add!! I'm a fiend for all red AF1's anyway lol lol!! I might pick my shawty up a pair of these if she play her cards right!!! Lol lol....we'll see....they're out now!!!

Jeremy ScottxFruition Sweatshirts!!! Sick!!!

In case you're not up on things...Jeremy Scott the designer who made those "Shades" Glasses for Kanye in the "Stronger" vid!!! Dude has great taste and when he does streetwear it's always hott!! Here is some stuf he did for Fruition, a streetwear shop in Vegas!!! Boy is the "Afro-Centric Bart" hoddy hot!! I know it's way out my PR(price-range suckas!!!) But I'ma sleep on it and hopefully the Wellsfargo Fairies will mistakely put $1,000 bucks in my account again like they 4days before Christmas lol lol