Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Nike Transfomer Pack Drops 11/3!!!!(This Weekend!!)

Yes folks!!! They come out this weekend!! Yep the wait is over!!! The Transformer Pack drops this weekend!!! The Air Trainer III($125), Trainer Huarache($110), and Air Max 90 boot($140). Personally the AM90 Boot is my personal favorite!!! I need a good boot for the winter ya dig!!! They are sick in my opinion!!! Nike is really holding it down this year with the packs they're dropping!! Transformers was a incredible movie and now the shoes are here so expect to see transformer shirts back on the streets lol lol.

Ramones Converse are finally here!!!!

Man I'm glad Converse finally released these!!! I found out about them earlier in the summer and now thery're finally out!!! You can catch them at your local botique or online at They're part of the (Product) if you get a pair it goes towards the AIDS fondation. You can't help but support that!! I think I might go pick these up this weekend....they're only $61 bucks. Good deal if you ask me!!!! "Hey Ho....Let's Go!!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bo Knows Dunks.....and So Does $neakerazzi!!!

Yo I copped these over the weekend!!! I'm officially fresh outta Colonials(dollars to you lames) lol lol. I got a serious problem with buying sneakers man......I can't stop spending lol lol.....atleast I'm not as bad as my peeps....they are worse than me lol.....I spend money I have they rip apart their credit trying to saty fresh lmao......Anyway.....I'm a creative type dude so check the turf that i found to take the pics on!!! Tell me thats not hot!!! I'm sick with it and I'm just getting warmed up lol....Holla!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

720 Degress>>>>>>>Tony Hawk Pro Skater!!!! Plus these Unknown Pair!! They're sick too!!!

In case you youngstas didn't know Tony Hawk Pro Skater wasn't the first skateboard video game(you can stop holding your breathes now lol lol) in fact 720 was the first made in 1986 by Atari(remember them??Naw you don't!!!!!). Just to break down the concept of the game for you guys that have never really heard of it, it is the first extreme sports video game and had a time limit that the players had to score points to keep the game going!! The game’s name is from the “ULTIMATE” trick turning a full 720° (two full circles to you lames lol) in the air after a ramp jump. 720° was based around a skateboarder riding around a middle-class neighborhood(all too familiar lol) doing tricks at will. The more jumps and tricks you do eventually earned enough points to build a skatepark. Sound cool.....yea I know!!! Nice design on the shoes too by Nike......these other kicks are unkown and they drop Summer 2008 as well!!!! Be on the lookout for more info on these because they're kinda hot!!!

The Nike Luxurious Dunk Package!!!!

Man when Nike likes you they "REALLY" like you!!!! These are the Luxurious Dunks/"Be True" Package. It's only for "TRUE" Music Lovers!!!! Not you dudes with 3,000 songs on ur iPod lol. These dunks are so limited edition that guess what???? They're not even for sale!!!!! Nike made 100 pair just for the good people who attend the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich(EMA's)......and thats not can't just show up and get a pair(to some of yall who were really goin to Munich lol) have to be hand picked!!! The luxurious Dunks are patent leather with the colors Black, Red and Gold. They also come with a “Be True” Shirt, a suitcase trolley and a Special Edition Dunk Hoody. The giveaway will be at Nike’s Dunk Studio (a temp studio in Munich’s Glockenbach neighbourhood). Being a "True"Music lover really has it's kicks(no pun.....very bad pun lol)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The World according to Pretty Toney"

Yo Ghostface is that dude!!!! Here's a video of Ghostface droppin knowledge on you SmartDumbCats!!!!! CLASSIC VID!!!! LMAO!!!! Check it out!!! The Wally CHAMP!!!!!

For all my Serious Collectors!!!

This is a glass shoe box by Neo!!! Which is hott as sh!t!!! If you got a damn good collection this is a good investment mattersfact a must have to bring to the next sneaker convention in your town!!! For a small price of 65 euros you too can own this case lol lol....naw I know we're in the Good Ole' U.S. so I took the time out to convert the currency(don't ever say I haven't been good to you!!) it's $85.96 American Bucks!!!! Thats not a bad price if you ask me. You can find them at

A-1 has Rare Air!!!! Seriously.....he does!!!!

Yo this is a pic of my homie A-1 Jordan collection. Now when I say dude has "Rare Air" I'm being serious....the reason why is because dude wears a sz15!!!! How many big dudes you know got a collection like this thats not in the NBA???(crickets) I didn't think so......i'm telling you my peeps are true sneakerheads lol lol......all shapes and sizes!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike Disney Pack!!!!.....Guess what??? It's Just for Kids!! LOL

Here is the Disney Kid Pack from Nike. It includes the Buzz Lightyear Vandal Low/Shrek Dunk High/The Incredibles Air Classic BW GS . These are hot!!! Thats real creative on the kids side......Man I got some ideas for Nike!!! Somebody need to holla at me cuz I got crazy ideas lol release date on these just yet but I'm sure if you try ebay you can find a bid on them already.

Man I missed out on these Jason's!!!!! :-8

Remember these??? It was my 1st post and they dropped today(10/24) @ The SourceBoardshop in Rice Village!!! Man i missed them by a hour......they sent me a txt and I went to get my Halloween costume(yea I dress up!!! Holla at me if you got a prob lol) but after I left the store I shot over and they were completely sold out!!!! Man I'm about to go get a back soon......hope my Miani connect come thru......(No Scarface)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Speed Racer:The Movie!!!! Summer 2008!!

1 of my favorite cartoons is coming to the movies!!! Man it seem like all the good cartoons are going to the movies!!! I'm definately going to see this movie!!!!(Movie x3 lol lol)

Asian Commercials RULE!!!

Yo Asia has like the best commercials!!! The things they think of are creative as hell!! Power Rangers?? R u serious??? They were like my idols when I was a kid!! I had all the Zords except for Pink and Yellow lol lol......great commercial for the Nikeid Site!!

Nike ACG Pack AF1's......They just keep coming don't they???

Man I swear Nike is about to shut '08 down!!! I just want them to send me a sample to 0187 Lace lol man these kicks ridiculous lol lol.....I need another refund check lol

And now.......A B.Tubbs Moment In Style.........

Yo here is my homie(he think he fly) B. Tubbs.....a.k.a. Mr. "I Got Ya Girl On My Lap"(HouseParty)!!!! If you haven't caught him creepin out ur back door be on the lookout......but besides that he got a mean shoe collection!!!! 47 pairs and counting!!! The kicks he's rockin are the Nike SB Dunk "Brutes"!!! Catch Up!!!

This message has been B. Tubbs approved.

I wish I had a Ape Buddy!!! :-(

Pharrell and Nigo are like BAPE buddies if you didn't already know(i doubt you don't lol). But at a recent Bape event Skateboard-P got a bag of goodies in the form of Ostrich skin Bape Stas....what else can you say.....a bag full of Bapes....what more can a sneakerhead want???

AF1 x Air Jordan12 and Air Jordan 5 Fusion!!!!!

God Bless Nike!!!!......thats all I can say about these gifts lol lol.......just look at the pics....they speak for themselves....the release date for the Jordan 12's is set for Jan. 5th 2008 for $145. The Jordan 5's drop later in the spring.....either way im coppin both pair!!! lol lol

Monday, October 22, 2007

New PG Hats!!!(Premium Goods)

For all my H-town and Brooklyn's a hat to rock over ya bean-head!!!!
The P-Goods x New-Era Fitted hats!!

If U like Air Max 95's......Guess What!!!!

Nike is coming out wit a AM95 inspired AF1!!!! These kicks are sick!!! They say the release date is set for Summer 2008!!!! I will be standing in line or camping out for these at Premium Goods(H-town)(free plug lol)!!! The color way is the original AM95 color way(OG Style) to my true sneakerheads you need to make a date to save up atleast $200 for next summer(doubt it lol)

^^^I just found out that the Grey/Red '95 colorway is coming out as release date yet tho.....sorry

1st Post!!!! Let's get it!!!

Just in time for Halloween!!!! Another addition from the Horror Pack, the Nike Dunk Hi Pro SB “Friday the 13th” is dropping in Canada. I call these the Jason Voorhees lol lol. No word if they come out in the states yet.....stay tuned........