Thursday, October 25, 2007

A-1 has Rare Air!!!! Seriously.....he does!!!!

Yo this is a pic of my homie A-1 Jordan collection. Now when I say dude has "Rare Air" I'm being serious....the reason why is because dude wears a sz15!!!! How many big dudes you know got a collection like this thats not in the NBA???(crickets) I didn't think so......i'm telling you my peeps are true sneakerheads lol lol......all shapes and sizes!!!


datarock tokyo said...

yea a-1 do gota mean collection.dat nigga wear a size fifteen and be gettin j's i cant even find and i wear an 11

Mr. Marty McFly said...

lmfao at joke.........damn below the belt, but yeah it's easy to find size 15's we had alot of hidden treasure at rice village. if i wore a 15 my collection woudl be alot more also. big foot bastard