Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sam Flores Tattoo The Homie Sage Got The Other Day!!!

Well here you go people....Young Sage presents Sam Flores' "The Nappy Headed Man" lol lol naw I'm playin...the little guy finally got his 1st tat lol it's cool I ain't gonna lie but dude hair need to be combed or brushed something serious lol....I bet it was funny seeing dude get this tat...I know he bitched up but him and his brothers will never tell....anyway....enjoy the nappy headed man on my homie arm lol

New PLAYCLOTHES Spring/Summer 2009 Gear!!!

PLAYCLOTHES is a hot up and coming brand by these guys

I got a couple Tees and they some quality shit.... I fucks with it so they OFFICIAL!! LOL Shout out to Malice and PUSHA....UGGGHHHH!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sage Talked Much Shit About How Good He Was In Street Fighter 2...But He Got His Ass Kicked Something Serious!!!

Now this is how you deliver a ASS Whoopin in SF2!! We went old school on ya'll but this was during X-mas time before SF4 dropped last week...and yes when the dude Sage come back home I will HOUSE him in that game too!!! But on the PS2 I beat dude 41W-15L....I was like a NBA Team thats on it's way to getting home court advantage all the way through the playoffs on his ass lol lol lol yeah I'm a MONSTER around these parts in SF2 and I'm getting good in SF4 so don't get it fucked up!!! Sorry I took so long to embarass you ANTHONY JOEL FLYOD lol lol get ya weight up lil nig!!

Senakerazzi vs. Jay-z!!! House Of Blues!!! This Is The 3of3 Concert That Changed My Life!!!

This Concert was 1of3 concerts that changed my life!! It was a GREAT concert that I witnessed all by myself!!! What a night!! I'll never forget it!!! Hov is like the fountain of youth....He rocked the show like he would've during the Blueprint era!! Glad I finally got a chance to see A Living Legend...."EveryBody Wanna Be Hov and Hov Still Alive"