Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sage Talked Much Shit About How Good He Was In Street Fighter 2...But He Got His Ass Kicked Something Serious!!!

Now this is how you deliver a ASS Whoopin in SF2!! We went old school on ya'll but this was during X-mas time before SF4 dropped last week...and yes when the dude Sage come back home I will HOUSE him in that game too!!! But on the PS2 I beat dude 41W-15L....I was like a NBA Team thats on it's way to getting home court advantage all the way through the playoffs on his ass lol lol lol yeah I'm a MONSTER around these parts in SF2 and I'm getting good in SF4 so don't get it fucked up!!! Sorry I took so long to embarass you ANTHONY JOEL FLYOD lol lol get ya weight up lil nig!!

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Official Unoffical said...

Jay you sstill trash to this day in Street Fighter nigga last time I checked you be ducking niggas when they ask to play u sayin you sleepy I will wake yo as up with ko nigga lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!