Friday, January 30, 2009

Just 3 More Months!!!! Nike Air Griffey Max 1!!!

Just 3 more long ass months!!! And for $140 usd you and I can have a pair!!! Damn I can't wait!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

WOW!!! Rhymefest Dissin Charles Hamilton!! Whoa!! Who Would've Seen This Coming!! LOL

What I'm tripping he keep saying niggas in thhe game lost they masculinity but alot of people say his boy Kanye is the name everybody say when they talk abbout niggas dressing gay in hiphop! Well if you know me I'm a fan of Fest and Kanye so I ain't starting shit!!!!!! But hey I'm just putting the facts out there lol Cold ass diss tho!! I ain't the biggest Charles Hamilton supporter in the world but he had some hot lines in the battle versus Serious but in the end to me he took the L. But now here is will be interesting to see what Hamilton got to say lol lol

New Shit!! "In My Adidas"- Bangladesh Co-Starring Don Cannon

I fuck with it. It's already a hot beat and he did his thing on the track. New get fresh to song!! lol too bad they don't play stuff out here in the H like this :-( lol but shout out to dude! I played this shit like 5 times already!

New Unreleased Version!! "Me and U"- Cassie...I Like It Better Than The Original!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nike SB Dunk Low? "Teen Wolf"

Fuck what you heard!! I would rock these!! And being that Teen Wolf is a great movie....I would definately rock em'!! Too bad these shoes probably won't make it out of Oregan lol

Serious Jones vs. Charles Hamilton Battle @SOB's NY!

I give it to Serious....not to be biased cause dude is my favorite battle rapper but cause the dude Charles Hamilton is lacking alot that it takes to make it in the game imo. Although he had some good the end of the day it was his event and Serious still did his thing lol but shout out to both of them!!

New Lil Wayne!!! "Prom Queen".....I Gotta Give It Another Listen. By The Way This Is Post 300 LOL

His heart in the right place but I don't think I'm feelin the song. Maybe he got a better rock song coming cause this joint is Ehhh lol

Friday, January 23, 2009

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Get Em' Girl"- Cam'Ron

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "We Fly High"- Jim Jones

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Gangsta Music"- Juelz Santana Co-Starring Cam'Ron

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Get Em' Daddy"-Cam'Ron Co-Starring Hell Rell

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "What You Been Drinking On"- Jim Jones Co-Starring Jha Jha, Diddy and Paul Wall

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Baby Girl"- Jim Jones

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Make It Work For You"- Juelz Santana Co-Starring Young Jeezy and Lil' Wayne

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Summer With Miami"- Jim Jones Co-Starring Trey Songz...My All-Time Favorite!!

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Purple City Brydgang"

*Classic Dipset* **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Certified Gangstas"- Jim Jones Co-Starring The Game and Cam'Rom

Damn I Miss Cam'Ron!! No Homo!! **Mood Muzik** 1/23/09 "Oh Boy"- Cam'Ron Co-Starring Juelz Santana

I Didn't Post These At 1st Cause The Pics Weren't Detailed Enough....But Here They Are....Kanye West x LV Sneakers!!! Sickness!!! Shouts To Ye!!!

This is str8 sickness!!! Kanye is a beast!! Nuff Said!!! At 1st I wasn't feeling them but now I want the red pair. I'm on board for the June release! I will have a pair on in Vegas Baby!! lol lol (Jay-z Voice)Holla At Cha Boy(Jay-z Voice)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vans New Era/ Chukka "/AsphaltSteets"

These aren't half bad...they remind me of asphalt and streetlines lol...prety cool!

Wow!! New AF1 x AJ 4 Fusion (1st Look)!!

At 1st I thought they were those old G-Unit Reebok kicks and was like ugghhh!! Pass!!! But then at closer look I figure they kind of hot. Give me a month to decide if I will cop lol

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More G.O.O.D. Music For The New Year!! "Maui Wowie"- Kid Cudi!!!

Kid Cudi - "Maui Wowie" from on Vimeo.

I ain't gonna lie....I slpet on alot of music in 08...gave alot of people bad reviews just off personality and wack images. I slept on Cudi just cause i didn't have any speakers on my pc to hear him lol lol but here is a good track from his mixtape. "A Kid Named Cudi" lol that boy got talent that boy got talent lol

Start The New Year On A COOL Note!!! Here Is Pac Division Co-Starring Carter!! "Everybody Knows Us"

VIMBY - Everybody Knows Us Music Video from VIMBY on Vimeo.

Happy New Year Mothafuckas!!!! Ha!!