Sunday, July 27, 2008

Max Payne The Movie Coming Soon!!!!

Here is the trailer from the new Max Payne Movie coming soon....Dor those of you aren't up on things Google Max Payne and see who he is!!! The video game was the shit back in the day.....check it out and be amazed....this movie will be THE SHIT!!! lol lol

Nike Court Force "Aged Leather Pack"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DAMN!!! My Boo Candace Parker Started The 1st Fight In The WNBA!!! I Hate Detroit Basketball Anyways!! Yea I Said It!!

Man....I mean woman....ya'll better leave my lil mama alone!! She dont play!! It took Detroit whole bench to come out there and stop the fight!!! And they lost lol lol!! Now what!! But everybody talking this and that about how it's gonna help the sport and saying any publicity is good publicity....personally I think the fight isn't gonna make any new WNBA fans....unless they make fights apart of the game like they do hockey. No Basketball Commisioner is gonna allow that. This is just gonna be a cool Youtube and Espn clip. I doubt anybody posting the video actually say the whole game....therefore we have nothing but highlight clips and no RealTime footage lol lol...But I hope none of the ladies get a serious suspensions to hurt their team chemistry or chances at a championship. Shout out to my Baby Candace!! xoxo

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kanye!!! You Lucky Rich Brat!!!

Man if I had dough like that I'd probably spend it on shit like this too!! But not so many handbags tho lol lol but man the dude paid cause I know all that stuff on the bed had to add up to atleast a small fuel efficient car lol lol lol Damn....must be nice.......LUCKY FUCK!!! lol

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chi McBride.....Dude Spoke The Realest Sneaker Quote I Ever Heard.

Here is what he said.....I jacked it from TheHundreds blog(Peep the Sponsors Sidebar)

“When you wear a fresh pair of shoes, you feel like you can never die. You feel like you’re gonna live forever.”-Chi McBride

That shit is so true....It's funny cause I'm gonna turn 23 in 2 weeks and I don't feel 23. It's not cause of sneakers but it's just that to me age is in the mind. As we get older we realize that we have to change. But in some cases unless it's bad for your health or bad for others around you....WHY CHANGE?? The homie Sage aka Anthony turned 23 yesterday and we were talking about how if we were in another city we wouldn't be considered as OLD like people in H-Town/other friends think that at 23-26 you have to settle down and become old and dress a certain way.....We know that this philosophy or theory isn't entirely true but the quote from Chi makes me feel better about how I'm feeling cause he is well over 40. So shout outs to Chi....that dude speaks the truth. Here are some more pics from the Chi McBride x Mark Smith x AF1 x Air Jordan III(The 1st Fushions) He even had a Leather Jacket made too!!

The Professor Brothers- History Lesson #1 *JFK*

Man this shit is real funny!!! You gotta watch it!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lacoste x A.R.C. Polo!!!

Idk what polo is sicker right now!!!! The Big Pony Ralph Lauren or The A.R.C. x Lacoste!!! man that alligator is killin it right now! Man I'm seriously feeling these st8 up!!! They say they're at Barney's NY but I'm searching the site now and I can't find them!! ARRGGHHH!!! Anyway when I do I'm comig back for pricing info.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Cosby's-Gordon Gartrell Shirt Lol

Lol this is one of my favorite episodes!! I got it on Tivo but I decided to share it with ya'll lol lol!! That's what Theo get tryin to stunt for these hoes lol lol(no offense) Enjoy!!

On That L.A. Sh!!!!!!tttttt

Reel Style - Los Angeles from Hypebeast TV on Vimeo.

Yo check out this video about how dudes in LA feel about fashion (no Homo) lol lol...but real talk LA inspires my whole style....not to say I'm posing or tip-ridding...but they influence my dreesscode alot....I'm in the H so don't think I'm out here rockin Lumberjack Shirts and Flannel in Mid-July lol lol...but yea LA style is just cool and casual and care-free but yet flare concious. Yea I just put all that together in my head lol lol...but check yo they do it on the Left-Coast!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

*Mood Music 7/13/08* Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y.

After 15 years this song is still a CLASSIC!!! This son came from a time period when rappers spoke with a message.....Man the days of '93....boy the music was great!!! I was young back then and didn't grasp it like I would now but damn.....songs like this still ring bells!! Shout Out to Queen!! i heard she fell off her motorcycle the other day and skipped the hospital!! Tough bastard!! lol lol

DOWNSIDEUP x Ghostface Tees!!

Lol these shits is hot!!! I'm not the regular sneakerhead/hipster that just loves Ghostface for the sake of loving Ghostface....I'm critical of the stuff he says in his rhymes to the extent where peeps get mad at me when I bring up the debate of Who's Nicer Ghostface or Cam'Rom?? Dudes get mad and be like "Ghostface would murk dude in a battle!!" but at the end of the day they BOTH SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!! Nobody can break down what the song "Apollo Kids" means adn I doubt anybody can decipher half the things on Purple Haze lol lol it all depends on which jibberish you like the best lol lol or beats lol either way I cut for both artist...even if Cam is in hiding lol.

New Sneaks From The Generic Man!!

I like these sneaks!! Eventhough they are simply Generic lol lol...My style is simple anyway....not overly and calm...I'd rock these if they were availible in my area....Sad...anyway they cool kicks!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mood Music *7/7/08*Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room

What up folks!!! Man in case you don't know Chris Rock is 1 of the funniest people on the planet!! He is pretty much my favorite Comic of All-Time!! I know ya'll all like.....No Richard Pyor....No Eddie..No Red Foxx?? Naw....not that I dont respect them....Rock just relate to me on a different train of thought lol lol....But Eddie and Richard are Top 5 but Rock is funnier to me!! While I'm at it let me list my Top 5 Comedians
1)Chris Rock...duh
2)Eddie Murphy
3)Richard Pryor
5)Bernie Mac
Honerable Mentions: DeRay Davis(youtube this man!!! He Great!!) Cedric The Entertainer, Jerry Seinfield, Eddie Griffin and Dave Cahapple.
Thats my Favs!! But the order sways back and forth and honerable mentions enter the Top 5 occasionally or eventually but thats kind of all I can think of lol lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chris Brown x Baby Blue Pants= NOOOOO!!!!

Yo I'm not knocking the colored pants look and all but its definately some colors I won't do...I can do a dark green or grey or white....but after that I'm done. But Chris Brown just did Baby Blue....Aww geez...Bad move Chris...I will let it slide but another fashion out-burst like this and then I'm gonna have to pull his card lol lol lol....Kanye did red but atleast he was original lol lol

Some BBC Shirts Dor The Summer.....

Wow!!! I've Been Waiting For Somebody To Make This....Should've Known Kanye Would Do It...."BLack Jesus Piece"

Man....If I wore jewlery I would mos def get this piece made....mattersfact....I wanted it years ago when Ye made the Jesus piece in color.....I wanted to get a Black hmm I mean God lol lol...Either way I like the piece it's pretty dope.

New Mid And Low Top Dunks For The Ladies!!!