Monday, July 7, 2008

Mood Music *7/7/08*Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room

What up folks!!! Man in case you don't know Chris Rock is 1 of the funniest people on the planet!! He is pretty much my favorite Comic of All-Time!! I know ya'll all like.....No Richard Pyor....No Eddie..No Red Foxx?? Naw....not that I dont respect them....Rock just relate to me on a different train of thought lol lol....But Eddie and Richard are Top 5 but Rock is funnier to me!! While I'm at it let me list my Top 5 Comedians
1)Chris Rock...duh
2)Eddie Murphy
3)Richard Pryor
5)Bernie Mac
Honerable Mentions: DeRay Davis(youtube this man!!! He Great!!) Cedric The Entertainer, Jerry Seinfield, Eddie Griffin and Dave Cahapple.
Thats my Favs!! But the order sways back and forth and honerable mentions enter the Top 5 occasionally or eventually but thats kind of all I can think of lol lol

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