Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DAMN!!! My Boo Candace Parker Started The 1st Fight In The WNBA!!! I Hate Detroit Basketball Anyways!! Yea I Said It!!

Man....I mean woman....ya'll better leave my lil mama alone!! She dont play!! It took Detroit whole bench to come out there and stop the fight!!! And they lost lol lol!! Now what!! But everybody talking this and that about how it's gonna help the sport and saying any publicity is good publicity....personally I think the fight isn't gonna make any new WNBA fans....unless they make fights apart of the game like they do hockey. No Basketball Commisioner is gonna allow that. This is just gonna be a cool Youtube and Espn clip. I doubt anybody posting the video actually say the whole game....therefore we have nothing but highlight clips and no RealTime footage lol lol...But I hope none of the ladies get a serious suspensions to hurt their team chemistry or chances at a championship. Shout out to my Baby Candace!! xoxo

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