Sunday, July 13, 2008

DOWNSIDEUP x Ghostface Tees!!

Lol these shits is hot!!! I'm not the regular sneakerhead/hipster that just loves Ghostface for the sake of loving Ghostface....I'm critical of the stuff he says in his rhymes to the extent where peeps get mad at me when I bring up the debate of Who's Nicer Ghostface or Cam'Rom?? Dudes get mad and be like "Ghostface would murk dude in a battle!!" but at the end of the day they BOTH SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!! Nobody can break down what the song "Apollo Kids" means adn I doubt anybody can decipher half the things on Purple Haze lol lol it all depends on which jibberish you like the best lol lol or beats lol either way I cut for both artist...even if Cam is in hiding lol.

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