Saturday, May 31, 2008

New BBC Polo's For This Summer!!

Man I wish I could afford some of BBC I wish I could afford some BBC I wish I could afford some BBC gear lol I .....naw I'm done....I thought if I said it 3times I a hoodie would pop up somewhere(you don't wanna know what I was rubbin'(no homo)sorry boo!!!) But damn they clothes be on point....just gaze touching lol lol(no homo) lol

Here Comes The Heat!!! Air Jordan 3 x AF1!!!!

I told ya'll I would be back with heat!!!! Now the 1st Fushion posted is not new to the blog.....I posted it way back in Jan/Feb(I told you I be on my ish....)but ut will be one of the 1st to be dropped in July from what I hear and will the OG colorways will procede in don't die on Jordan just yet ya'll!!! They gonna get to the originals just wait.....but I will get those Black/Blue pair....thats a goot look. and of course the OG 3's Colorways will be COPPED!!!! Be on the lookout!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Telling You Folks....I'ma Be Back Real Soon I Promise!!! But Yo Peep The New "Flashing Lights(Alternate Video 2....Yes 2)" Be Back Soon!!!

Man the 1st person to tell me how this video matches the song "Perfectly" I will spot you $100 bucks soon as Anthony PAY ME BACK!!!! lol lol....its a great vid tho....the scenery is smooth as hell!! Ye keep seperating himself from the rest of the game!!! Shout Out to Ye'....dude is (Yea I admit it now everybody!!!) My Inspiration to be a Human Being!!! lol lol....naw I'm playing....he just my Artistic Inspiration tho....look out for that "Art" real soon....Shout Out to A-1 on the Engagement homie....Good luck and Jah Bless!!! She made a Honest Man out of you Lol lol lol

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hold On!!! Ya Boy Will Be Back Soon!! Until Then....Sit Back And Watch Some G.O.O.D. Music!!! Kanye West-"Flashing Lights(Alternate Version!!)

The kid Kanye is deep!! Who knew this video would end like this!!! Lindsey, Kim K and Paris BEWARE!! It could happen to ya'll!! Jackboys are on the PROWL!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Backkkkk!!!! Let's Get Loud!!!! With "Everybody Noise"!!

I will be back later with updates!! Enjoy til then!!!