Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Is The Coolest Ad I've Seen In Quit Some Time!! "American Apparel"

Man it says it all right here...good shit!!!

Just COPPED THESE!! Denim Vans!!!

These were a must have...I saw them online the other day and was like when I see them they're COPPED!!! Best $60 I spent in a while!!!

Damn.....SMH...I Don't Recall When These Came Out can the trendsetter of THROWBACKS wear a pair of fakes to SneakerPimps?? seriously Big Boi...what happened?? Come on man lol...hopefully he get a rep to prove to us that these are 1of1 until then Big Boi LOST!!!

Ibn Jasper x Persona Mag

Here is the dude Ibn Jasper....Kanye Barber x Skater x Cool Dude in General....I don't know him personally but he seem like cool peeps lol...just showing his range in the game in the photoshoot...the interviewer coulda asked better questions but hey it was simple...and B. Tubbs we coulda been rockin Blue Jean jackets last year but you gave me the THUMBS DOWN to that look!!! It's everywhere!! It's mind is along the lines on the important so I'm almost there!! WE GONE MAKE IT!!!

Jordan "True Blue" III.....Gotta Get A Pair!!!

As many may know...I'm not big on Jordans unless it's some of the early editions but these qualify as earyl editions so these will be COPPED!!! Can't wait til August Baby!! LMAO

Kanye Showing Off LV/Yeezys At "Kind Of A Big Deal" Video Shoot

Toys R Us. from kwest on Vimeo.

I'm BACCCKKKKKK!!! New Shit!!! "Paranoid"- Kanye West Co-Starring Rhianna!!

Like I said on treatment was similar but way better...I get joy knowing that my mind is along the same lines of these directors and idealist in film...I'm gonna be's just a matter of time lmao!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Grail List....Nike Zoom Generation I (White/Black/Red)&(Black/Red)

Man I'm sorry I didn't get these when they 1st dropped!! I was workin at my 1st job, Finishline Inc and I passed cause at 1st they weren't selling for shit!! nobody got them!! they had a release date and all that and nobody showed and I'm like well damn I will wait til I get some extra dough and I put them on hold...Weeks went by and my manager sold my pair cause inevitabley Lebron caught a huge fanbase out the blue mid-season lol and to this day I always regret not buying them...but on the flip side back then I was buying shoes a whole size and sometimes 2 sizes too BIG!!! Thinking my feet would grow...SMH@Myself....sad indeed cause I wprobably woulda got a 10.5 or 11 and they would be useless to me now just like my Jordan 11 (Black/Red) but hey....when I get some disposable income these will be at the top of my Grail List!!! Starting off something new for '09 LMAO!!!

UFC Undisputed Is Just A Few Days AWAY!!!! 5.19.09 I Will Be Glued To The Xbox 360!!

After looking at all these videos....there's nothing left to say...go get this game. Period.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maestro Knows: Episode 4.....I'm In Complete Aww...Estevan Oriol And Mr. Cartoon's Shop Is Ridiculous

Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Estevan Oriol) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Man just watch!! Just watch...

**Mood Muzik** "Poker Face/ Poke Her Face" - Lady Gaga Co-Starring Kid Cudi, Kanye West And Common Sense

**Mood Muzik** "93 Til Infinity" - Souls Of Mischief

Speaking Of Prophcies And What May Have You Here Is A Documentary Of Ray Kurzweil...Google Him!!! "The Transcendent Man" Coming Soon!!!

Watch this as well...

Angels&Demons!! May 15th 2009!! BE THERE!!!

Yo I LOVE THE DAVINCI CODE!!! GREAT FUCKIN MOVIE!! But with A&D I have a feeling it's not gonna be as great...maybe because I know more about it than I did TDC before I saw it but I'm really hoping it will be good. Keep the good films coming Ron Howard!!

Coming Soon!! DJ Hero!!!

You know it was bound to happen sooner or later!! They can't deny the power of a turntable!! But the thing I wanna know is how will it have the impact that Rockband and Guitar Hero had when it's only just a turntable? I know Guitar Hero only came with a Guitar...but imo Rockband is way better cause yiu can form a group...if they add a Mic it can be a rap group...but thats still 2 people...Rockband had 4...gotta be more to this to be a epic game...I really look forward to seeing this so I hope they figure something out....SOOOOON!! Ohh and I hear they genres of music are gonna be Hiphop, Dance, Electro and House. With a Motown sample pack!!

**Mood Muzik** "Ink My Whole Body"- Wiz Khalifa

Once is another time when I'm gonna speak during Mood Muzik lol...I don't really mess with Wiz but I fuck with this song...It's something I plan on doing...Inking My Whole Body!! Lmao...haven't got a new tat in a while...I got crazy ideas but they all visible and I can't get any visible tats yet cause I'm still lookin for that good ole but Lord willing I get that "Corporate Job" and I get to express my mental artistic side through tattoos!! But hey enjoy this's pretty hot!! Shout out to Wiz!! FLIGHT SCHOOL MIXTAPE!!! OUT NOW!!

**18 & Older** The Rhianna And Chris Brown Saga Continues...Nice Nudes By The Way!! Or And A Double Treat For U Perves As Well!! LOL


Friday, May 1, 2009

**Mood Muzik** "Cali Love"- Tyga

Now if you've been watching the blog over the past few years lol...then you know that I haven't wrote on a Mood Muzik since the 1st few posts lol. But today is a different post. I been watching the kid Tyga for a minute ya dig...For some reason I saw some type of talent in him even when his music didn't move me. Now he finally has my attention with this song! I love Cali period so that's a plus(eventho I haven't been since I was 12 lol) and the concept of the song and lyrics was cool. Real laid back vibe. So if Tyga keep this style up he got my $9.99 on the next album...mos keep the good shit flowin homie! I'm offically a listener! Make us all a fan lol...I believe lol

The Begining Of The End For Rocafella...Dame Dash(My Dude) Wilds Out!!

WHoooo!! Dame is no fucking joke!! Man it's funny cause I think I have that same type of drive and passion as that dude. What's even funnier is that I can't find the lane to drive on and the passion to never stop driving on it. Maybe I should hitchhike for a while and see where i wanna go....ANYWHERE BUT HERE

Dear World,

I have been stranded on planet Pastbehine for the last few weeks...retrospecting on life, love, music, art, film, school and least importantly myself. I'm here to say that I am back and ready for more post. Inspiration is hard to come by nowadays, which I believe all fellow artist should be able to relate to. I'm not saying that I am fully inpired but I will do my best to continue on this mission. Maybe 1 day the light can shine on my creative heart once again...who knows...but until then