Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Grail List....Nike Zoom Generation I (White/Black/Red)&(Black/Red)

Man I'm sorry I didn't get these when they 1st dropped!! I was workin at my 1st job, Finishline Inc and I passed cause at 1st they weren't selling for shit!! nobody got them!! they had a release date and all that and nobody showed and I'm like well damn I will wait til I get some extra dough and I put them on hold...Weeks went by and my manager sold my pair cause inevitabley Lebron caught a huge fanbase out the blue mid-season lol and to this day I always regret not buying them...but on the flip side back then I was buying shoes a whole size and sometimes 2 sizes too BIG!!! Thinking my feet would grow...SMH@Myself....sad indeed cause I wprobably woulda got a 10.5 or 11 and they would be useless to me now just like my Jordan 11 (Black/Red) but hey....when I get some disposable income these will be at the top of my Grail List!!! Starting off something new for '09 LMAO!!!

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