Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vans Mountain Pack Hi!!!

These are the new style of Vans for '08!!!! They are actual high-tops with a strap on the toe. Don't really know the reason for it but at the same time I like 'em lol lol. It'll be a goo pick-up to rock in the winter next year!!! They look heavy duty to me ya know. Like you can just put 'em on and go snowboarding lol lol. But naw it doesn't snow out here.....but I can pretend lol lol

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finale Design 2007 Fall Collection!!!

I know its alot of great tee's they just posted but damn!!! The "Dreams of Fuc&ing an R&B B!t*h" shirt is way clean!!! A the other shirts are self explainatory but this shirt has atleast 15 chicks I would Bone on the shirt!!!(Yea I'm helping bring '85 back!!!!) Seriously I would hit like the first 3 rows!!!! lol lol lol shout out to my gal!!!! She checks the blog out periodically lol lol. (Jay-z Voice)Holla at ya Boy!!!(Jay-z Voice) but these joints run for about $30 bucks!! Great Price!!!

Adidas x Monchichi Pack!!!!

Man I remember these!!!! Monchichi's were the sh** back in the '80's!!! I had a few myself(no doll). Nice jacket honestly. Monchichi's look like a memember of The Jackson 5!!! Lol Lol St8 up lol. No price on the set yet tho.

Vans Sk8 Hi x Proper Pack!!!!

For $85 bucks you can convince your girl to stop buying satin sheets and lay on your kicks!!!! lol lol lol lame joke I know but I'm feelin the purple joints!!! I just got a thing for them. These are the collabo with the Proper store in Long Beach!!! You know Vans hail from the WestSide so you know they gotta rep with Proper!!!! In case you can't tell the last pair are Navy Blue(I know I know!!!) Be on the look out for these at your local skate shop!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back 2 The Future Party!!!! @ Club Next 11/23/07!!!!

This Thanksgiving Weekend is gonna be a big one!!!! It's like something different going everyday!!! Man this is gonna be a great weekend and if you're in the H you should eat a little less turkey to get your party on!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming Soon!!!!!Supra “14K Gold” Skytops!!!!!

Like I've said before....I'm a sucker for Gold Kicks!!!!! If you got a pair of gold sneakers in a size 10 you wanna sale....holla at me and more than likely I'll buy 'em lol lol(depending on condition!!!!) but Supra is dropping these sometime soon!! No release date is set but just check at your local skate shop and they might be floating around lol lol. These are worn by Chad Muska and Supra has done a great job with these!!! i wasn't big on the brand, I'm not gonna lie but I'm really feelin these kicks!!! They should go from anywhere from $100 - $125 depending on where you cop them but at the end of the day they're worth it!!!!

FREE CONCERT!!!!Ghostface in H-Town!!!! 11/25/07!!!!!

Thats right ladies and gents!!! Ghostface is coming to tha H!!!! And guess what???? It's FREE!!!!! Just in time for the Holidays......You smartdumb n***** lol lol(Ghost catch phrase!!!) The Wally Champ is here!!! and will be @ Warehouse Live on Sunday!!!! If ya'll not up on Tony Starks.....this is a good way to get ya lesson in "Fishscale 101" lol lol. I'm a Wu-Tang fan and a Ghost fan so if I can find the time I will be there!!!! And so should you if you love Hip-Hop as much as I do!!!!! All you gotta do is got to and click to RSVP your tix!!! So hurry up peeps before they start charging lol lol lol

H-Town SneakerSummit 2008!!!!! 12/30/2007

Man if you missed the SneakerSummint this summer then you need to be here!!!!! Me and my peeps got so much stuff!!!! It was a cool event and a great environment!!! Drinks were reasonable and the DJ's were on point!!!! So to all my true Sneakerheads out there you gotta go to this event to come out and see others just like you lol lol lol. But it was a great turnout and i heard booth space was still available so if you have a sick collection come out and support the cause!!!! It will be a big turnout this year because this summer we were jammed packed trying to get free stuff!!! DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!!!! Pre-Sale tix are $10(thats cheap!!!!)and they come with a raffle tix and 15% discount @ Premium Goods and Kickz in the Galleria!!! You can get your presales @
Premium Goods 2416 Times Blvd., Houston. Tx 77005 US 713 523 8825
Kickz 5135 W Alabama., 6010E GALLERIA 4 Houston. Tx 77056 US 713 965 9843
Sunday, December 30th 2007 3-8pm ENGINE ROOM 1515 PEASE ST HOUSTON, TX 77002 ALL AGES WELCOME!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photographs by Terry Richardson.........

Here are a few photos by photographer Terry Richardson. As you can see he has a high profile of clients and some pretty nice photos. He inspired me so much that I added his site to the blog. As an upstart to photog myself I see similarities that we have by taking random shots lol lol. I like spontaneous photos. Shots that are planned but don't really look like it!!!! Great stuff and look forward to more on the blog in the future!!! As well as some of mine lol lol.

Funny Pic lol.....Just Cuz lol

Just something funny I found the other day lol lol it has nothihg to do with anything this blog represents but I thought it was funny as hell because I was mad at my girl at the time lol lol!!! But trust me I'm not down with domestic abuse or beating women....just plain comedy lol

Nike Supreme Air Force 1 x Air Force 180 "Dream Team"!!!!!

Real Talk.....this is the best Hybrid I've seen thus far!!!! I really don't want to type anything but I gotta say something!!!!!(Editor-In-Chief.....Ya Digggggg......). I'm amazed at what they've done with this shoe from top to bottom. From the 180 tounge to the Olympic colorway on the sole!!!! I'm hearing this shoe comes out today(11/17) but I still have sources that swear they come out next week. These are sleek as hell!!!!! I mean I haven't been this amazed at a shoe since the pics of the Freddy Kruger Dunks that got scrapped at the last minute(AHHHHH!!!!!). Seriously I'm dazed right now. I've been skeptical about every AF1 release because it's so popular in mainstream but damn......i can't resist these!!!! As soon as I get true word of their release date I will post it ASAP!!!! Until then gaze at an astonishing shoe............(hugs monitor)

Nike Sir Charles "Dream Team" Pack Part 2!!!!

Yo these are 2 more pairs from the "Dream Team" Pack!!!! They are a bit plain compared to the "Gold Medals" but all in all they are hot in their own right. They'll probably be out at your local Footlocker or Footaction soon. I'm getting two different dates at the moment so I can't really say when they'll be out but look out for them soon!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Air Jordan 8's "Lifestyle" Release Date: 11/17!!!

In case you didn't know another installment of the Jordan 8's are dropping this Saturday!!! It's the Jordan "Lifestyle" edition. It's the latest pair before the "Playoff 8's". They call them the "Anthracite" 8's which is white leather and dark blue(Anthracite). I'm not big on tem personally but for all you Jordan collectors, it isn't a bad pickup especially for $150. Can't beat that cause they're actually limited edition and won't be out in most stores!!!!

Air Jordan 1 Low "Pure $$$$"!!!!!!

Available now!!! These caught me by surprise!!!! I sleep on the last "Pure $$$$" but the Jordan 1's are one of my top 5 Jordan models, so if I can scrap up the funds to get these I'm going on hunt for White November lol lol lol(sorry lol). But my sources tell me these are already on the street so be on the look out. Peep the Crocodile on the sides of these joints tho!!! Nike does it again.....what else can you say you know......It's Nike lol!!!!

Sir Charles "Gold Medal" Air Force 1's Premium

Yo I'm a sucker for gold sneakers!!!! So you know on 11/24 I will have these on my feet!!! In case you haven't heard these are inspired by the '92 USA Olympic "Dream Team" who broke records and of course took home the GOLD!!! But it was Sir Charles who stole the show with 71% from the field averaging 18.0 points per game. Not to mention that Jordan,Magic,Bird and Ewing were all on the court at the same time!!! For my real NBA fans you know that's something impressive. So Nike is giving Sir Charles the "Royal Treatment" by pulling out the Gold Carpet!!!! Shout out to CB!!

Nike Court Force High/Vandal High Africanism Pack!!!! WOW!!!!

Man these are serious!!!!! At this point nobody knows what is the idea behind these kicks but all I can say is WOW!!! To me Nike is going back to the early and mid '80's when alot of blacks were Afrocentric. It reminds me of somthing I saw on somebody from a "Different World" back in the day!!! Lol lol lol......I'm fina get my Dwayne Wayne on because so far I hear they're coming out Summer '08!!! When I think of summer is gonna be crazy in the shoe world. Nike has packs coming left and right. Like Frank Lucas pushin Blue Magic in the streets of Harlem!!! Real Talk!!!!