Thursday, November 1, 2007

The New Adidas ZXZ Oddity!!!!

Here is the new Adidas ZXZ Oddity 123(kinda catchy lol lol). It's a spinoff from the original ZXZ series. The colorways is tight!!! I'm feelin the honey-comb effects and the Aqua/Pink pair.....nice color way....remind me of a Barbie Dress(no homo) lol lol.....Regardless I'm diggin them!!!! No word on a release date. Soon as I hear something I'm straight puttin it Alderidge in tha paint(be on the lookout for that dude!!! #12 on the Portland Trailblazers!! They did they thing in a lose to San Antonio the other nite but it's all good lol lol)Holla!!

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