Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nike Supreme Air Force 1 x Air Force 180 "Dream Team"!!!!!

Real Talk.....this is the best Hybrid I've seen thus far!!!! I really don't want to type anything but I gotta say something!!!!!(Editor-In-Chief.....Ya Digggggg......). I'm amazed at what they've done with this shoe from top to bottom. From the 180 tounge to the Olympic colorway on the sole!!!! I'm hearing this shoe comes out today(11/17) but I still have sources that swear they come out next week. These are sleek as hell!!!!! I mean I haven't been this amazed at a shoe since the pics of the Freddy Kruger Dunks that got scrapped at the last minute(AHHHHH!!!!!). Seriously I'm dazed right now. I've been skeptical about every AF1 release because it's so popular in mainstream but damn......i can't resist these!!!! As soon as I get true word of their release date I will post it ASAP!!!! Until then gaze at an astonishing shoe............(hugs monitor)

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