Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FREE CONCERT!!!!Ghostface in H-Town!!!! 11/25/07!!!!!

Thats right ladies and gents!!! Ghostface is coming to tha H!!!! And guess what???? It's FREE!!!!! Just in time for the Holidays......You smartdumb n***** lol lol(Ghost catch phrase!!!) The Wally Champ is here!!! and will be @ Warehouse Live on Sunday!!!! If ya'll not up on Tony Starks.....this is a good way to get ya lesson in "Fishscale 101" lol lol. I'm a Wu-Tang fan and a Ghost fan so if I can find the time I will be there!!!! And so should you if you love Hip-Hop as much as I do!!!!! All you gotta do is got to http://www.scion.com/livemetro/ and click to RSVP your tix!!! So hurry up peeps before they start charging lol lol lol

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