Monday, November 5, 2007

American Gangster is the S***!!!!

If you haven't seen this should kill your self after you read this sentence......(waits.....gunshot!!) lol....No but's a great piece of work from the acting to the directing!!! It's a classic in my book!!! I can't wait till it comes out on dvd and I saw it last night!!! Imagine what all the bonus features will be?? This is a spectacular movie....we can put it up there with The Godfather,Casino, Scarface and Goodfellas. It's a Classic film and the crazy thing about it is that it was based on real events!! I mean the drug dealing part kinda made me un-easy but still the entire picture was beyond belief......If everything was completely real then the world has changed seriously!!!! But it's one of my favs now and I'm glad I waited to watch it in the theatre because I doubt it would've had the same effect on me at home. Boy what a Epic. O and here's a lil diddy I found lol lol

The real Frank Lucas and Jay-z look alike!!!! What a coincidence!!!! And I heard Jay actually wanted to be Lucas in the film but Denzel got the role. I think Jay could've made a cameo or two in the movie lol lol......Maybe as a associate or businessman lol....But shout out to Common, T.I.(Free T.I.) and The Rza for holding down Hiphop on the acting side!!! Shout Out to Cuba Gooding Jr. for his role as "Nicky Barnes" lol. He did good imo. They could've gave his role a little more shine because after Frank went to jail Nicky ran Harlem from what I've been told. It was a role you wouldn't expect him to play but dude is alot more talented than people lead on. Overall I give this flick a A-(for the simple fact that I wanted it to be longer and show more of the entire landscape of the other dealers in Harlem). Still I'm just waiting on the DVD!!!! Make sure you go see it and if you have it on Bootleg still go see it!!! It's a great experience!!!

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