Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming Soon!!!!!Supra “14K Gold” Skytops!!!!!

Like I've said before....I'm a sucker for Gold Kicks!!!!! If you got a pair of gold sneakers in a size 10 you wanna sale....holla at me and more than likely I'll buy 'em lol lol(depending on condition!!!!) but Supra is dropping these sometime soon!! No release date is set but just check at your local skate shop and they might be floating around lol lol. These are worn by Chad Muska and Supra has done a great job with these!!! i wasn't big on the brand, I'm not gonna lie but I'm really feelin these kicks!!! They should go from anywhere from $100 - $125 depending on where you cop them but at the end of the day they're worth it!!!!

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