Friday, October 31, 2008

Sneak PEEK!! Nike SB Dunk Hi "Quagmire"!!!

These are something way un-expected!! Nike x Family Guy?? Nobody would've guessed that collabo with a Palm Reader!! They look pretty dope honestly and if they drop I would seriously ponder getting them...I take that back I would most definately get them!!! No release date or anything is in the air.....but if my memorey serves me correct we did see a "Marg Simpson" SB a couple months ago that came out overseas...who knows if these will see the light of day or reach the U.S!!! So keep your laces tight HypeBeast!!! We gotta take this thing with caution!! Don't go asking your mom or your girl for $150 just yet lol lol

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Nike SB Low "Mosquito"!!

I hear these are dropping next month so be on the LOOKOUT!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Asian Commercial Break!!! Nike J-Will "Players Delight"

jason william's asian commercial - Click here for more amazing videos

Asian Commercial Break!!!

Funny Chinese Board Game Commercial- Kill Your Family - Amazing videos are here

The Making Of "Dead Presidents":Presented By Skibeatz!! Quality Stuff!!

Nike Spring/Summer 2009 Collection Preview!! Sick!!!

It's so much heat in this post is't ridiculous!!!(s/p lol) I don't even like bright colors and shit but yo I fuck with half these shits!! Man pick your poison on this joint!! It's just too many colors!! Next summer is gonna be a heatwave!!!

**Mood Muzik** 10/27/08 "Number 1"-P and The YESSIRS Co-Starring Kanye West!!

**Mood Muzik** 10/27/08 "Beautiful"-Snoop Dogg Co-Starring Pharrell

**Mood Muzik** 10/27/08 "Touch The Sky"-Kanye West!!

I BET It Feel Good Being Famous!!! Nike AF1 Low x BET Awards '08!!!

Man ain't this a kick in the nuts??? Seriously like I stopped wearing AF1 a while back cause they didn't move me anymore but now these BET joint are hot!! Like I could rock these!!!! But too bad I gotta be a famous rapper or entertainer to own a pair since they were only for the award show...but it's good to see Nike throwing some love to hiphop...they don't do that often without Nelly present lol lol(I kid I kid lol) But what I really want to see is the amount of fakes that pop up on regular dudes and no-name rappers lol lol....every dude claiming he can rap can just bust out with these and be like "Yeah We Did It Real Big At The BET Awards This Year!!! I Got These For Free From A Hook-Up!!"-Random Local Rapper lmao lmao man I can't wait lol

JumpoffTv!!! Joe Budden In The Studio With Royce 5'9...Funny Shit!! LOL

Friday, October 24, 2008

Should I Cop These??? Schmoove Oxford

Ok is the scoop.....for this winter I'm taking a trip not on a trip but fashion wise my mentality Europe/Tokyo/Japan Etc....whereever fashion is at it's flyest!! But anyway....I like these Schmoove Oxford kicks right here...the cool thing about them is that they look like wing tip hard bottoms but actually they're sneakers lol may sound kind of corny but I'm diggin these man...seriously!! And for $150 at thats not really a bad deal cause they don't sell them in stores around Houston...and i checked out some sites around the net and they go for $160 plus shipping. Which is right along the same price range as UO but still UO is 1 of my favorite stores(eventho they won't hire a brotha!!!Argh!!) and I rather spend the $150. What ya'll think?? Are these worth COPPIN'?? Or should the kid PASS??

Nike Air Penny II White/Black/Royal!!!

I feel like I'm in elementary all over again this fall with Nike and all these Retro releases AWWWW!!! Back when I was a young sneakerhead lookin at all the spoiled as shit kids get J's and Kidds and Penny's while I got Shawn Kemps!!(Don't get me wrong cause if Reebok dropped them again I would cop them!! Str8 up lol) Well if you thought the Penny II Black/Royal Blue/Silver was gonna be the only colorway to drop this tear you were dead wrong!! Eventhough I still got my pair on layaway(We in a RECESSION people!!!) I doubt I get this pair....they kind of plain and I need my kicks to speak to me...and me and this pair don't get along to well lol lol....they will be out sometime in November so be on the lookout...$140 usd!!

Converse All-Star Hi x Barney's NYC

Sorry for the long delay ladies and gents!!! The kid has been mad busy and feels good to be back lol lolBut yo this collab with Converse x Barney's is pretty hot!! I'm diggin the white pair....yeah it may be cause I haven't had a white pair of sneakers since '06 lol lol but mainly cause they look pretty slick...not too much flash but they still say BAM!!(no Emeril) They're out now at for a mere $95!! Thats not bad Jim....Not bad at all!!