Monday, October 27, 2008

I BET It Feel Good Being Famous!!! Nike AF1 Low x BET Awards '08!!!

Man ain't this a kick in the nuts??? Seriously like I stopped wearing AF1 a while back cause they didn't move me anymore but now these BET joint are hot!! Like I could rock these!!!! But too bad I gotta be a famous rapper or entertainer to own a pair since they were only for the award show...but it's good to see Nike throwing some love to hiphop...they don't do that often without Nelly present lol lol(I kid I kid lol) But what I really want to see is the amount of fakes that pop up on regular dudes and no-name rappers lol lol....every dude claiming he can rap can just bust out with these and be like "Yeah We Did It Real Big At The BET Awards This Year!!! I Got These For Free From A Hook-Up!!"-Random Local Rapper lmao lmao man I can't wait lol

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