Friday, October 24, 2008

Should I Cop These??? Schmoove Oxford

Ok is the scoop.....for this winter I'm taking a trip not on a trip but fashion wise my mentality Europe/Tokyo/Japan Etc....whereever fashion is at it's flyest!! But anyway....I like these Schmoove Oxford kicks right here...the cool thing about them is that they look like wing tip hard bottoms but actually they're sneakers lol may sound kind of corny but I'm diggin these man...seriously!! And for $150 at thats not really a bad deal cause they don't sell them in stores around Houston...and i checked out some sites around the net and they go for $160 plus shipping. Which is right along the same price range as UO but still UO is 1 of my favorite stores(eventho they won't hire a brotha!!!Argh!!) and I rather spend the $150. What ya'll think?? Are these worth COPPIN'?? Or should the kid PASS??

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