Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cool Nike Ad...

U.F.C. Fighter B.J. Penn Jumps Out 3ft Of Water!!!! Just Watch!!!

Next time I get in the pool I'm trying this!!! WOW

Here is the man at work if some of ya'll don't know him...CATCH UP!!!!

Taz Arnold...The Sneakerhead?????? Whoa!!!

But Then again...who isn't a sneakerhead lmao..but if this is his real collection he got a few gems in it thats for sure!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

**Mood Muzik** "Mo Money, Mo Murder"- AZ Feat NaS

Kid Cudi "Make Her Say" Preview!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN WAIT!!!

WOW...Knew It Wouldn't Be Long Until Another Rapper Got A Shoe Deal!!!!

Just had the we have the Jeezys!!! Thanks Adidas!! For the price cut of $100!! If I liked these enough I would drop the dough...but naw they're from the DefJam pack...Adidas is hooking up with them for their anniversary..but it's birthday season lol and I gotta get myself a present too lol lol cop em at

P-Rod 3 NIKE SB Commercial!!! "Today Was A Good Day"


Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Toys x Michael Jackson"THRILLER"!!! This Toy Is SICK!!!

Man if i had $255 to blow I'd get 2 and actually play with it lol...I actually already have a MJ doll from way back but he's missing shoes and socks lol but this joint has articulation and that's like a serious Wish List toy...(ya'll remember the Sears Catolog lol)damn...asian toy companies>>>>>the world!!! He even come with 2 heads and 2 coats..1 for zombie mood and the other for Movie popcorn eatin mood lol...tight shit!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

KRS-1 vs 50??? HMMMM.....

If you know me out there you know my thoughts on Krs-1...sometime I feel what he says and others I be like dude fallback cause nobody listening to you...but now with us living in the age of "Beef/Battles" lol my ears are open lol...he saying might reply to what 50 said on his last single/mixtape travk vid whatever...which was wack to me but hey I wanna see where this could go...but here is the 50 song

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NEW SHIT!!! "Best I Ever Had"- By Drake

Yea you can tell Kanye directed this video..all them big tits bouncin' lmao...good shit lol