Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nike Women's Air Max 90 "Cocktail"!!!

Ya boy $_Razzi never lies to his when I said I was gonna go out and get some heat for my ladies....I wasn't playing!!!! These we have right chere are the AM90 "Cocktails"....I'm not sure on why they have been nicknamed this but the colorway is on point!!! It definitely is something different but I can't quite get my finger on it yet. Be on the lookout for these at the Top of the Morning(Begining of next year!!Catch Up!!!) so until we meet again....this is $_Razzi.....signing off!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Nike Valentine's Day Pack 2008!!! Women Court Force Hi "CareBears"!!

Attention All Male Sneakerheads!!!!: YOUR GIRL HAS FEET TOO!!!!!!

Lol seriously!! Here at $neakerazzi Headquarters we sometimes forget about our female counterparts(generally because we are an all male staff!!!(no homo)) but seriously....sometimes we leave the ladies out of the loop(no pun/no homo lol lol damn you DipSet!!) even though I have seen some female sneaker collections greater than mine!!! So I vowe to show love to the ladies from Now Til Infinity lol. These are a hot pair and I myself aren't really a Court Force dude. but I would cop these fro my chick with the quickness!! They remind me of a "CareBear" on the cool tho lol lol and I call her my "Teddi-Pooh" lol lol j/k. I'm digging them tho...look out for the rest of the pack to pop up on here in the next weeks because we all know a pair of AF1's are gonna drop as well as Dunks!!!


Next Year Will Be So Sick!!! Air Jordan 5 x Air Force Fusion!!! Black/Fire Red!!

Man I am shocked and amazed by these!!!! I have no clue on a release date as of yet but hot damn when I do you will know too!!! But be on the lookout for the Black/White AJxAF1 12 Fusions dropping Jan. 12th!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Slick Rick Concert Pics!!!!

Yo I told you good people I was going to the Slick Rick Concert @ Warehouse Live and yep tou guessed was off the chain!!! Slick did his thing and went through all the Classics!! Too bad I got there a lil late and didn't get in til like 12:30 lol lol But o well I heard him do "Teenage Love" "The Show" "Children's Story" "Lick the Balls" "Hey Young World" too bad I didn't get to see him perform "Mona Lisa(my favorite Slick Rick song of ALL-TIME!!!) It was a great show, cool vibe and wish I would've got there earlier!!! Still I had a great time!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mood Music 12/19/2007

Yeah I know The Cool is out!!!(and Ya boy did cop it!!!) But I'ma take ya'll back to the old days when Lupe still wore the Specs lol all my skaters keep kickin and pushin!! Watch for curbs and dips.....peep the's a method to my madness.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nike Zoom Flght '95 Retro!!!

'08 seems like it's gonna be a big year for Nike. We will all witness the return of the Jason Kidds!!! Man I swear these were the 1st kcks I cried for lol lol(or was it the Deion's???) man I begged my fols but back then they didn't believe in paying $80 for shoes!!! Haha!!! jokes on them now because now I spend all my money on sneakers!!! Lesson: Buy your kids sneakers lol!! But Nike is releasing these sometime in ' word yet on the exact date or price but more info will come!!!!

Guess Who's Biiiiizzzzzacccckkkkk!!!!

In the U.K. lol lol but wait wait!!! They will be back in the States in '08(that had a nice catch to it lol) but right now they're overseas!!! Don't worry folks!!!! Us Yanks will get them inno until then just glare at the screen and pray that Cancer and Computer Moniters have no relation lol lol lol

Supra NS "BlackCard" Skytops!!!

I did a review a while back about the Gold Skytops and how fresh they were but after looking at these "BlackCards"(yea I gave them a new NAME!!!) they look even better!! I like these because they look less flashy than the average kick now-a-days. I'm a low-key street-wear fan.....I don't do many bright colors and out-landish designs so this fits perfect to my style. Throw on some dark denim and a t-shirt and I'm good like that Chi-Town dude that didn't graduate but decided he was finished lol lol lol(bad joke so the f^c& what?? Bet you don't know what album that came from tho!!! Haha!!) maybe a fitted hat. Maybe! Because I'm on my no fitted hat era.....I just let the Ocean Breathe lol lol. But I digress....these sneaker are hot and for $195 you to can have a pair next year!!!! Kinda steep but well worth it to me!!!

Premium Goods Annual Winter Sale!!! 12/23/07!!!! 12pm-7pm!!!!

Thats right peeps!!!! P-Goods is at it again this winter with their annual sale!!! The whole store(except for certain items) is pretty much put on if their is a pair of kicks you been dying to cop but haven't had the chance to get because you too broke stuck at your dead end job.....12/23 is the perfect time to go splurge because most of the items are on sale!!!! If I have any left over dough I will probally swing through on but damnit I have to work so scratch that!!!! Arggh!!! *kicks at football and misses* lol lol lol lol. But make sure you go check them out in Rice Village if you live in Houston....but if you from Brooklyn you might wanna check and see if they have the same thing going on before you stand out in the cold lol lol lol

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nike Women's Stiletto Pack!!!!

Here is the Nike Stiletto Pack!!!! They are on the way overseas and should be here in the states by next year. No price set on the kicks so far but I must say the Black/Red Dunk Mids are clean(no homo) lol lol. It's a new thing for the ladies on this blog lol we don't get many pics for the ladies simply because I just can't find many pics lol. Sorry ladies, I'm working on it!!! Holla!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

iM MiKEY, i i i R0CK!!! By The Cool Kids!!!

Yo here is a new group on the bubble....I dig them...they got a hot style and personally I think this song is the sh!t!!! lol lol...I must admit you gotta give them a chance at first because they in that "80's Baby/90's Trend" but this is a dope song and you can't ignore that!!!!! Enjoy.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nike "Donatello" SB Dunk Mid????

Let's break it down. Brown/Purple/Green/White. Hmm(scratches bal....I mean head)...Brown represents his Shell.....Purple represents his Scarf(his Set lol lol) and Green...that's pretty damn obvious lol lol. And lets not forget the my true TMNT heads....ya'll remember back in the day the old toys didn't have eyes.....they just were White circles lol lol. I don't know what Nike is cooking up but it's lookin like a good idea. We gonna have to wait for more info on these. But until then "I Love Being a TURTLE!!!" You can't front because I know ya'll said that shit too back in the day lmao!!!!!

swagger x Trilly&Truly F.O.R.(Fall of Rome) Collection!!!

Check out the latest from swagger x Trill&Truly!! It's just in time for me to give Lupe a "FREE" Plug on his album "The Cool"!!! I can't wait for it to drop!!! The only song I downloaded is "Superstar" and only because it is a banger!!! My dude has the album already(He pre-ordered it!!! No Bootleg) and he's been trying to email me tracks to listen to but nope I won't listen lol lol. I'm waiting for the disc.....Shout out to Lupe....that's my dude...we go way back like school buses and free lunch lol lol.
But anyway lol this is the third line Lupe x swagger have dropped and it's pretty dop i might add. It's like a up scale streetwear line. No word on the price just yet but as you can see it looks kinda pricey but in a good way lol lol. I'm diggin the whole look and if you take a closer look you can see the images of Roman statues and Roman Numerials!! But if you in the Chi check it out at the Saint Alfred store!!! Chicago-MANE!!!