Friday, December 28, 2007

Nike Valentine's Day Pack 2008!!! Women Court Force Hi "CareBears"!!

Attention All Male Sneakerheads!!!!: YOUR GIRL HAS FEET TOO!!!!!!

Lol seriously!! Here at $neakerazzi Headquarters we sometimes forget about our female counterparts(generally because we are an all male staff!!!(no homo)) but seriously....sometimes we leave the ladies out of the loop(no pun/no homo lol lol damn you DipSet!!) even though I have seen some female sneaker collections greater than mine!!! So I vowe to show love to the ladies from Now Til Infinity lol. These are a hot pair and I myself aren't really a Court Force dude. but I would cop these fro my chick with the quickness!! They remind me of a "CareBear" on the cool tho lol lol and I call her my "Teddi-Pooh" lol lol j/k. I'm digging them tho...look out for the rest of the pack to pop up on here in the next weeks because we all know a pair of AF1's are gonna drop as well as Dunks!!!


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