Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Ruler's Back!!!!! 12/18 @ Warehouse Live!!!!

Yep!!! That's right!! He's Back!!!! Live in Concert!!! Slick Rick, Ladies and Fiends!!! Dude is like 1 of the most consistent Emcees ALIVE!!!! I've never heard dude spit a wack verse as long as I've been alive!!! Seriously!!! He's always on point and always bringing in real Hip-Hop!! Everybody claim they REAL but Ricky D is the TRUTH!!!! I'ma be there beause you know what??? IT"S FREE!!!! lol lol lol. RSVP @ you gotta be 21+ tho. Sorry kids lol lol. I've already taken off of work so holla at me when you see me lol lol

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