Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Premium Goods Annual Winter Sale!!! 12/23/07!!!! 12pm-7pm!!!!

Thats right peeps!!!! P-Goods is at it again this winter with their annual sale!!! The whole store(except for certain items) is pretty much put on sale....so if their is a pair of kicks you been dying to cop but haven't had the chance to get because you too broke stuck at your dead end job.....12/23 is the perfect time to go splurge because most of the items are on sale!!!! If I have any left over dough I will probally swing through on but damnit I have to work so scratch that!!!! Arggh!!! *kicks at football and misses* lol lol lol lol. But make sure you go check them out in Rice Village if you live in Houston....but if you from Brooklyn you might wanna check and see if they have the same thing going on before you stand out in the cold lol lol lol

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