Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Supra NS "BlackCard" Skytops!!!

I did a review a while back about the Gold Skytops and how fresh they were but after looking at these "BlackCards"(yea I gave them a new NAME!!!) they look even better!! I like these because they look less flashy than the average kick now-a-days. I'm a low-key street-wear fan.....I don't do many bright colors and out-landish designs so this fits perfect to my style. Throw on some dark denim and a t-shirt and I'm good like that Chi-Town dude that didn't graduate but decided he was finished lol lol lol(bad joke so the f^c& what?? Bet you don't know what album that came from tho!!! Haha!!) maybe a fitted hat. Maybe! Because I'm on my no fitted hat era.....I just let the Ocean Breathe lol lol. But I digress....these sneaker are hot and for $195 you to can have a pair next year!!!! Kinda steep but well worth it to me!!!

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Addkicked said...

The black cards huh you think you big time fuckin with AD vigamay!!!!