Friday, December 14, 2007

swagger x Trilly&Truly F.O.R.(Fall of Rome) Collection!!!

Check out the latest from swagger x Trill&Truly!! It's just in time for me to give Lupe a "FREE" Plug on his album "The Cool"!!! I can't wait for it to drop!!! The only song I downloaded is "Superstar" and only because it is a banger!!! My dude has the album already(He pre-ordered it!!! No Bootleg) and he's been trying to email me tracks to listen to but nope I won't listen lol lol. I'm waiting for the disc.....Shout out to Lupe....that's my dude...we go way back like school buses and free lunch lol lol.
But anyway lol this is the third line Lupe x swagger have dropped and it's pretty dop i might add. It's like a up scale streetwear line. No word on the price just yet but as you can see it looks kinda pricey but in a good way lol lol. I'm diggin the whole look and if you take a closer look you can see the images of Roman statues and Roman Numerials!! But if you in the Chi check it out at the Saint Alfred store!!! Chicago-MANE!!!

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