Friday, November 2, 2007

Jordan "OG" Spizike!!!! Coming This X-Mas!!!!

By now I hope everybody has seen the "OG" Spizike's!!! Man I'm most definately getting these no matter what!!! I planned on getting some Gucc(it's a hood thang!!!) Boots......but you know what??? Them Spizike's are whats hot in the streets right now!!! lol lol.....I'ma pass on the Gucc and cop these J's because these are more exclusive!!! They're like a poece of history fro a low price of $175 lol lol How can you beat that???? You can't lol lol!!!! I remember at the SneakerPimps Party in Houston....Bun-B threw a pair into the crowd and dudes fought over them for like 30min lol lol.....I knew then I had to have me a pair!!!! See you in line!!!

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