Friday, May 1, 2009

**Mood Muzik** "Cali Love"- Tyga

Now if you've been watching the blog over the past few years lol...then you know that I haven't wrote on a Mood Muzik since the 1st few posts lol. But today is a different post. I been watching the kid Tyga for a minute ya dig...For some reason I saw some type of talent in him even when his music didn't move me. Now he finally has my attention with this song! I love Cali period so that's a plus(eventho I haven't been since I was 12 lol) and the concept of the song and lyrics was cool. Real laid back vibe. So if Tyga keep this style up he got my $9.99 on the next album...mos keep the good shit flowin homie! I'm offically a listener! Make us all a fan lol...I believe lol

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the sweetest eptiome. said...

I like this song, much to my suprise!