Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chi McBride.....Dude Spoke The Realest Sneaker Quote I Ever Heard.

Here is what he said.....I jacked it from TheHundreds blog(Peep the Sponsors Sidebar)

“When you wear a fresh pair of shoes, you feel like you can never die. You feel like you’re gonna live forever.”-Chi McBride

That shit is so true....It's funny cause I'm gonna turn 23 in 2 weeks and I don't feel 23. It's not cause of sneakers but it's just that to me age is in the mind. As we get older we realize that we have to change. But in some cases unless it's bad for your health or bad for others around you....WHY CHANGE?? The homie Sage aka Anthony turned 23 yesterday and we were talking about how if we were in another city we wouldn't be considered as OLD like people in H-Town/other friends think that at 23-26 you have to settle down and become old and dress a certain way.....We know that this philosophy or theory isn't entirely true but the quote from Chi makes me feel better about how I'm feeling cause he is well over 40. So shout outs to Chi....that dude speaks the truth. Here are some more pics from the Chi McBride x Mark Smith x AF1 x Air Jordan III(The 1st Fushions) He even had a Leather Jacket made too!!

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