Monday, February 16, 2009

Kid Cudi Tasered At A RBK Concert During His ALL-Star Weekend Performance...Other Blogs Get Ya Facts Str8!!

Well there you have it hypebeast....Cudi didn't get arrested and tasered for wearing Jordans to a RBK Concert hypebeast calm down!!! I know it seems like the "Righteous" thing to do and would make him a "Sneakerhead ICON" lol but hey the real story is that dude got tasered from an alteraction with a guy that was fuckin with him after the performance.....he was actually wearing these he said on his blog lol that I will be adding to shortly lol but calm down need for ya'll to bite the soles of his shoe yet!!! But when the new video of "Day and Nite" premiers on 106&Park this Thursday you can lol

and just for keeping your attention span here is a Oz of Mowie Wowie to BURRRRNNN!!! lol

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