Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Nike Luxurious Dunk Package!!!!

Man when Nike likes you they "REALLY" like you!!!! These are the Luxurious Dunks/"Be True" Package. It's only for "TRUE" Music Lovers!!!! Not you dudes with 3,000 songs on ur iPod lol. These dunks are so limited edition that guess what???? They're not even for sale!!!!! Nike made 100 pair just for the good people who attend the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich(EMA's)......and thats not can't just show up and get a pair(to some of yall who were really goin to Munich lol) have to be hand picked!!! The luxurious Dunks are patent leather with the colors Black, Red and Gold. They also come with a “Be True” Shirt, a suitcase trolley and a Special Edition Dunk Hoody. The giveaway will be at Nike’s Dunk Studio (a temp studio in Munich’s Glockenbach neighbourhood). Being a "True"Music lover really has it's kicks(no pun.....very bad pun lol)

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