Sunday, October 28, 2007

720 Degress>>>>>>>Tony Hawk Pro Skater!!!! Plus these Unknown Pair!! They're sick too!!!

In case you youngstas didn't know Tony Hawk Pro Skater wasn't the first skateboard video game(you can stop holding your breathes now lol lol) in fact 720 was the first made in 1986 by Atari(remember them??Naw you don't!!!!!). Just to break down the concept of the game for you guys that have never really heard of it, it is the first extreme sports video game and had a time limit that the players had to score points to keep the game going!! The game’s name is from the “ULTIMATE” trick turning a full 720° (two full circles to you lames lol) in the air after a ramp jump. 720° was based around a skateboarder riding around a middle-class neighborhood(all too familiar lol) doing tricks at will. The more jumps and tricks you do eventually earned enough points to build a skatepark. Sound cool.....yea I know!!! Nice design on the shoes too by Nike......these other kicks are unkown and they drop Summer 2008 as well!!!! Be on the lookout for more info on these because they're kinda hot!!!

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