Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Era 59Fifty x DC Comics!!!!

If you know know that I f###s with my dude Batman!!! He's the REALEST Superhero known to comics!!! Dude got mad gadgets and no super-powers and still kick A$$!!! Not to mention dude is PAID and Humle at the same time....I admire Bruce hoonestly...he's been my mentor for fact we did lunch last summer in Martha's Vineyard last lol lol naw let me stop lol lol lol(it sounded good tho I know lol) But New Era and Dc have come together and drop hats on you bustas heads lol lol I think the off-scheme colors are cool and they even added a lil ditty for the ladies lol.....But only if they would make a Joker Hat!!! That dude is that dude lol lol...i.e. He's my favorite Super-Villian(R.I.P. Heath Ledger) Man I can go all day on comics lol lol But be on the lookout for these they drop March 15!!!

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