Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peep Where Kanye Got The Idea For The Video "Heartless"

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Ok ok ok!!! I'm back..been a way from a while but check this...I was gazing on the internet (kanye blog lol) and I found a post about how him and Hype Williams came up the idea for "Heartless" from the movie "American Pop"...and so I checked out the movie online right and come to find out it's a movie I used to try to find in Best Buy and movie rentals as a kid!!!(before the internet poped off real big and my folks didn't have a computer yet lol) I used to watch this clip on a movie I used to rent back in the day and if you look at the clip of the movie at 0:33...that was my shit back in the day!! It was funny as hell to me for some reason how dude was so cool!! But damn I should have tried got this a while back...I still think I will cause it's like $14.00 on so I think I will order it cause it's a pretty cool storyline. You should look into it as well!!

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