Thursday, November 6, 2008

***World Premiere*** "Heartless"-Kanye West (Animated)

Well the kid Kanye does it again...We all just can expect good things from his vids from now on!!! Dude videos change the game on everything!! No rapper is seeing dude on the videos!! He just got that part of the game on lock. Shout out to Ye for another smash. The kid Sage told me to listen to the album but I refuse but this song was fire!!! After my 1st lisen I like it and the video was way on point so aight homie I heard the track and you were right....the shit is a banger. Gotta love the kid Ye creativity. I just need a outlet for mine and I will leave this place. Not that don't want to take everybody with me but I will leave mentally. My mind is way deep...believe me. Enjoy the vid folks!!!

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