Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WOW!! This Dude Maestro Is Dunking In His Air Yeezy's LMFAO!!!

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

wow lmfao!! unbelievable!! dude is in his brand new EXCLUSIVE YEZZYs trying to see if he can dunk in them lol outta sight lol and honestly it worked for dude…i know im entertained and i will be checking out his site…what a great way to gain exposure by doinsomethin sane that nobody else would do lol…he didnt try no Jackass stunt in them…he simply played ball and shot the finger to all HYPEBEAST and NIKE and KANYE lol….these aren’t basketball kicks in the traditional sensse and he did the damn near unthinkable in them lol lol lol this kid just made himself more famous guessing that he already is since he got a pair before they drop lol lol lol….screw Nike giving celebs sneakers for freewhen we keep the company in motion lol…Nike NEVER GAVE ME NOTHING!!!! lol lol

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