Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Converse All-Star x Lupe Fiasco.....I'm Back Let's Get It!!!

Yes Yes Ya'll!!!! I'm back with some heat!!!! I been M.I.A. due to creative reasons.....just uninspired with fashion...but guess what?? I went thrifting the other day and now I'm back on my GRIZZ!!!(No Memphis...they SUCK!!) But here we go with the Lupe Fiasco designed Product Red Converse. These are all patent leather to you uninlightened!!! Which are sick!!!! But peep the catch....they don't have a release date damnit!! Because I would surely get these with the quickness!!! These shits are beautiful!!! So damn swell looking that I would 1 and done these and put them in on ICE!!! Real Talk.....I'd say if they do come out be prepared to drop about $125-150!!! They well worth it!!

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