Thursday, April 17, 2008

So I Ran Into Homer and Mario The Other Day.....

Yea I took a few pics of them while we were out....Cool guys. We went to happy hour and had a few drinks....and when I say Homer is a stand up guy....I mean it!! Dude bought the bar out from the moment we got in til the moment we left!!! Free drinks for the whole bar!! It was amazing!! Ace of Spades was what me and the fellas had eventhough it was like 6 in the evening!! Homer is a helluva guy I tells ya. Mario on the otherhand is well reserved. Doesn't say much but the women can't stay off him!!! Idk if it's his mustache or what....but the dudes a chick magnet!!! Idk....I had a great time. Hey guys if you happen to see this I'm free this Friday!!!

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